Outsourcing today means the submission of corporate tasks and structures to external or internal service providers. As e-commerce in the fashion sector including shoes and accessories is booming, competition is increasing. Model retouching plays an important role in increasing viewing of your website.

Many so-called online pure players have created online shops with great professionalism in the past few years, in which the product presentation has become more important thanks to advertising photos and 360 degree photo editing.

For many small and medium-sized online retailers, however, this means an increased time and cost factor to achieve the same level in the presentation of their products. For many retailers, an internal creation is no longer reproducible. It is therefore worth outsourcing the photo and GHost Mannequin effect service under certain circumstances. And there are good reasons for this.

This enables companies to better concentrate on their sales and marketing core competencies, and react more quickly to market changes. Especially in the fast-paced fashion industry, outsourcing is becoming increasingly common.

The number and the “know-how” of the own employees are not sufficient for equally intensive processing of all requirement groups and the costs are too high for the majority of the companies.

By outsourcing to professional service providers who specialize in visual product optimization, the customer does not need to attack their resources (personnel, equipment).


Just take pictures – sounds simple, but there is more to it than that. You need a background removal Service. You have to make the clothing tasty for the customer, just as it is invitingly presented in the shop in the shop window.

This claim must of course also apply to fashion online shops. A product photo alone requires several steps. Photographer, styling team, location, models or busts, etc…. Everything has to work for hand in hand and the product has to be staged correctly.

Image processing:

Here too there are several different options. Some examples: retouching, background, reflection, shadow, cropping, or e-commerce image optimization. There are also color changes to present the product in many variants. And the ambiance picture must not be forgotten either. A casual biker leather jacket has to be staged differently than, for example, an elegant dress.

By outsourcing photo production and image processing to Clipping Path Service, the dealer does not have to make any investments in software and hardware. He has clear contacts, short distances, and ultimately a gain in productivity.