Gold, Platinum and Titanium are considered as the three most popular metals that are used in jewellery. When it comes to wedding bands or rings, Platinum and Titanium are very popular and although, these two materials look very similar in appearance, whereas one is an expensive precious metal while the other is durable, affordable and found abundantly.

So, deciding between these two metals for men’s wedding bands can be a daunting task as they look very similar but are vastly different from each other in every other way. Wedding rings are for life, so if you are looking for men’s wedding rings that are durable then nothing can beat Titanium wedding bands.

Titanium is incredibly strong but lightweight metal that is being used to appear in many varieties in both simple and complex designs.

This is the reason today, Titanium wedding bands have become very popular and appears in different finishes, in its natural colour and black and also in several grades. Even though compared to other materials, Titanium is less dense and lighter weight but it is incredibly strong.

The strength of titanium metal is graded on a scale of 1 to 4 with 4 being the toughest material. When it comes to men’s wedding bands, not all Jewellers offers 100% pure Titanium metals at a 2 to 4 strength because that level of strength should last a man his entire life span.

So, if you are in South Korea then it is important to make sure that you choose the professional Titanium Jewellers like TATIAS that have many years of experience providing the best quality Titanium jewellery around the globe.

TATIAS is the most reputable professional Titanium Jewellery stores in South Korea that maintain the highest brand awareness and our jewellery stores are renowned for its exquisite Titanium jewellery craftsmanship.

We are the only company in South Korea who is running a Titanium related jewellery chain stores and not only South Korea, but our Titanium Jewellery is being exported to 13 other different countries all around the world. Our team of highly experienced and professional experts at TATIAS takes time to bring and develop high-quality products to the market.

Our each and every Titanium jewellery piece is fit tested before declared fit for sale and all our products are brought to the market only after they are tested on for the early identification or detection of any problems or issues.

Compared to any other jewellery brands, TATIAS Titanium jewelleries are being proved to be the most comfortable and when you wear our wedding bands, it will feel as if it were part of your body and are very comfortable.

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