You all might be aware that the pandemic has juggled all the wheels of the economy as a whole. But, it doesn’t have much impact on Canada Immigration. If you aspire to move to Canada, it’s the best time that you should apply, and give your dreams the beautiful wings to fly high in the blissful blue sky. So, don’t shatter your dreams, as Canada is still welcoming the immigrants with open arms.

The Canadian Government conducted Express Entry Draws, and has welcomed more than 30,000 candidates who’d applied under the Express Entry System. It is certain from the Express Entry draws, that Canada is still welcoming hundreds of immigrants despite the wreaking havoc of Corona virus. You can catch the sight of the latest draws and get assured about the fact that Canada is still welcoming the immigrants with open arms.

Marco Mendicino, the Canadian Minister of Immigration, in his latest interview signified the fact that Immigration is still on priority and will be major driver of economic growth. His news convey the fact that Canada still relies on Immigration and continue to welcome more and more immigrants amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. It reflects that Immigration is still their North star, that can make Canada more developed and do major economic recovery.

The deadly virus has largely not changed the people’s plans to immigrate to the maple country. In the recent survey, it was found that most of the folks said that despite the pandemic, they’re interested in immigrating to Canada without any worries. They said that the virus does not impact their interest. It signifies the fact that Canada is still in the wish list of people who want to fulfil their dream of settling abroad, on a permanent basis.
So, do you want to realize your dreams by immigrating to Canada? Well, apply as soon as possible, as you don’t know what is going to happen next. So, it’s always better to make a smart move if you climb the ladders of success.

Canada is never going to halt the immigration, as immigration has always bolstered the economic growth. Moreover, Canada is a country that was built by the immigrants and indigenous folks. The maple country is always ready to welcome thousands of immigrants every year, so that it can maintain the gap that exists in the labour market and to support its social and economic vibrancy.

Processing of Seasonal Agricultural Workers Has Been Expediated
If you talk about the time prior to Corona outbreak, the immigration application processing was slowed down. But now, the tough period has enabled IRCC to improve its processing systems.

Now, it can be seen that the processing of the seasonal agricultural workers under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) has now been expediated.

Temporary Foreign Workers : Agricultural and Seafood Employees in High Priority

In order to secure the food supply amidst the Covide-19 outbreak, it can be seen that the agricultural and the seafood employees are in high priority under the TFWP, along with a major collaboration with the Federal Government.

Canada is always ready to catch the sight of the new and innovative ways, so that it can make the immigration system more flexible. So, it’s always better to stay tuned with the new ways and the latest immigration news.

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Don’t shatter your dreams because of this Coronavirus, and try to immigrate to Canada as soon as possible. There is no best time to take this step, well, when you’ll take this good initiative, everything will become the best.

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