• Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium now fully supports holiday home groups, making their contactless solution the viable digital solution.
• Guests can now easily access your property and local area details, immediately after connecting to your guest Wi-Fi.
• The Hinfo contactless, cost-effective, digital hotel compendium is suitable for all property types and sizes, without the need for dedicated resources in each guest room, such as hotel tablets.

Hinfo (hin-fo) is leading the way forward, with a contactless guest digital compendium for hotel guests after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hinfo is available via both their mobile app and website, with almost 97% of guests currently using the mobile app.
Today Hinfo is releasing their next major update, with streamlined support for holiday home groups managing details for multiple properties, support for direct access after guests access each property’s Wi-Fi network and expanded details options for in-house restaurants.

The time to setup Hinfo for several holiday homes, previously took many hours for management to enter details into their Hinfo CMS (Content Management System), depending on the number of holiday homes in each group. With increased interest from holiday home groups for a contactless solution, Hinfo has today added support for managing shared details, common to all or many holiday homes in a group, with a major focus on local attractions and services your property recommends.

“If you manage 50 holiday homes for example, which are spread across a town or holiday area, you can now provide a single copy of common details for local attractions, services and emergency details for each address in that area.” says Neil Houlston, Founder of Hinfo. “This reduces the initial setup and update times substantially for holiday home groups, making it significantly easier to adopt our contactless digital solution.”

With guests connecting to each property’s Wi-Fi within minutes of checking in, this gives guests the opportunity to immediately access the property and local area details on their own devices, particularly smartphones, tablets and laptops. Today Hinfo is introducing a function for each property to link guests directly to their property on the Hinfo.com website. This is available as a tappable link which can be added to the guest Wi-Fi confirmation screen for example.

All of these major additions to the Hinfo service are available from today. Hinfo addresses the limitations of other traditional and digital hotel compendium solutions, by being accessible beyond guest rooms, fast to deliver unlimited information updates and is fully contactless, without the need for dedicated resources and/or hardware such as hotel tablets in each room.

To learn more about Hinfo (developed by App IT Byte), please visit the Hinfo.com website.