One of India’s most celebrated management and marketing gurus, Suhel Seth is known for forthright views. A student of literature from Jadavpur University, Seth is a reputed and famous columnist in our daily nationals. Adorning multiple hats, he has also acted in over 135 plays in English and voted as the Best Theatre Actor by the late genius Kushwant Singh. Seth co-authored a book Kalighat to Calcutta with Kushwant Singh and RK Laxman.

Seth has always been fond of singlehood ( before he got married that is). As he writes about the benefits enjoyed by single men, travel makes its way to the list. The freedom of getting up and leaving without any questions asked is priceless. No wife to yank one’s chain and no one to justify an extended or cut short a trip. He believes that life is a romantic escapade for singles when they travel. Men can legit enjoy their martini without constantly worrying about the wife swiping the credit card all over the place!

Suhel Seth was often asked if he was ever bored while travelling alone but he denied the possibility of such an occurrence. For someone who enjoys solitude and luxury, he explains how every hotel has a spa, a fitness center, great rooms, and some amazing restaurants and bars to help pass time. The entire single fraternity desires to meet their match at such exotic locations.

The seasoned actor claims that travelling alone gives you a feeling of completeness. You get to visit museums and enjoy the relics without having to explain everything to the lady or wait hours for her to get dressed to head out. There are a million things that you do not have to do when travelling alone such as dissecting the dinner menu of the night before or enjoy a cup of coffee without having to plan every detail of the day ahead. It is all so languorous.

In contrast, travel for married men is equivalent to a chore. They need to be at their best, cater to the lady, and pretend to enjoy all of it while ultimately getting to hear “you always complain when you travel with me”. He claims that single men belong to a happy state of mind!

An avid debater and enthusiastic writer, he often comes up with satirical content that does not shy away from public scrutiny. Bold and honest, his columns have been the centre of many controversies. But Seth has never been one to back down or become submissive under the public opinion.