Today’s complex technological systems are growing continuously and require multiple supply voltage levels. The DC to DC converter is a key component that can be used in multiple applications. In this post, you will read some tips on how to select the best switching converter for any application.

DC to DC switching converters are extensively being used in most portable devices. They efficiently produce diverse regulated supply voltages for different sub-blocks within the same system board. The usual system board for any portable device can easily hold many switching converters. This develops the requirement of a DC to DC converter. Since these converters range from tiny packaged parts with no external components to large parts with multiple external components for accurate operation, it is quite tough to select the best option.

To make this selection easier for you, we are introducing the procedure that will help you get the right DC to DC converter with appropriate basic, performance, and optional metrics. To select the best converter as per your application, we recommend the following five-step process:

Select a group of converters that meet the basic parameters for your application. For instance, do you require input-output isolation? What is the needed output voltage and input voltage range? What is the maximum current requirement?

Line up the parameters of the performance on a priority basis. Then, from the group of converters chosen in Step #1, further, choose the few converters that meet these arranged parameters in that specified order.

In this step, narrow your selection to the one performance parameter that is most vital for your application.

Study the practical aspects in detail to help in your converter selection.

Now that you have made your converter selection, you can look for the optional parameters that can also be fulfilled by your selected converter.

HVM TECHNOLOGY can provide you with these converters that not only offer unparalleled performance but are also ideal for a host of power applications. Our converter technology has numerous features that add significant value to the overall system solution. For more information on our DC-DC converters and other solutions, contact us today.

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