is your iPhone not working properly? Have you cracked your iPhone screen? It could be highly frustrating to have a defunct iPhone in hand in a city like Abu Dhabi, because you will have your communication cut and your daily routine disrupted. Reaching the official Apple Care will waste more of your time as it cannot be repaired immediately by them and will make you stand in a queue. In Total Care, you have the best alterative iPhone service center Abu Dhabi as they will repair your phone at once and handover the device immediately to you.
Deal with all iPhone issues
No time delaying, no hidden fee and no fake or sub-standard spares, when you are dealing with Total Care as they will effect instant repairs and replace defunct parts like iPhone display with original and every part they replace is OEM approved like with Apple. By opting for the apple service center Abu Dhabi you will save a lot of money because it will prove cheaper than the official avenue, especially if your iPhone is out of warranty. The apple technicians they employ can repair an assortment of faults including iPhone screen replacement, liquid damage, weak battery, digitizer replacement, touch screen not responding, audio jack issues, camera issues, unresponsive buttons and several others. The repairs are done quickly by diagnosing problems and troubleshooting expertly. Total Care technicians offer fast turnaround time while providing relief to harassed iPhone customers and significantly save time and bother that they could use in other activities.

Quick iPad screen replacements with original parts

The company provides free diagnosis with regards to Apple device repairs and also offer free pickup and delivery at home if the customer so wishes. You could also go to their shop to get iPhone repaired at once and they will take just an hour or less to effect tasks like screen replacements. Apart from iPhone repairs the shop also offers iPad screen repair Abu Dhabi and can deal with issues arising out of the whole range of iPads. Visit the company website to know more about Apple device repairs and replacements. You can use the numbers +9712 632 0908 or +97150 600 0788 for free pickup or send mail to to get detailed information on their services.
Total Care is Abu Dhabi, UAE based iPhone repair shop that uses genuine OEM parts to replace iPhone, iPad and MacBook defunct parts
Contact Information
Total Care
P.O.Box : 128964 , Hamdan Street – Behind crown plaza,
Next to LuLu International Travels Building ,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Phone: +9712 632 0908 or +97150 600 0788.