Summary: The press release is about Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida, a center having differing offices in Florida to provide the best treatment to patients for their nose, sinus and allergy problems.
All those who are looking for a safe ENT treatment in Fort Myers, FL during this phase of COVID-19 shall find worth reading this information, as it talks about Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida. The center is one of the leading ear, nose and throat specialists of Florida that aims at improving the lives of individuals by treating their nose, sinus and allergy problems. All the offices of the center are open to provide routine or urgent ENT treatment to individuals just that screening questions will be asked prior to entry in the building due to the present coronavirus situation. The center has offices in Fort Myers, South Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres, FL. You can get to know more about this center and the services it offers by visiting the website
The center has the best Fort Myers ENT specialists associated with it to provide superior quality care and treatment to patients with ENT diseases and ailments. The staff associated with the center is well experienced and trained in providing dedicated treatment to the patients suffering from sinus problem. The doctors make use of the advanced techniques in Southwest Florida to quickly and efficiently overcome the symptoms of this problem among the individuals.
Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida provides wide range of services to overcome sinus problems among different individuals. Some of the services offered by the center include balloon sinuplasty, functional rhinoplasty, sinus surgery, latera, septoplasty, turbinate reduction, medical management, allergy treatment, CT scan and much more. It is the latest sinus balloon plasty technique that has shown good results as compared to the traditional sinus surgery that involved cutting and removing tissues.
Patients approaching this center find a great relieve from sinus pressure after getting the right treatment for their problem. You can go through the experiences of the patients who feel satisfied with the treatment offered by this center, as this will encourage you to get rid your problem by availing the right treatment.
In case of any other query you can contact the center directly via phone call and fix an appointment, as contact numbers for all the offices are mentioned on the website.

Contact Us:
Company Name: Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida
Address: 7531, 39 Barkley Cir, Fort Myers, FL 33907, United States
Phone: +1 239-936-1616