I know the concerns. We have passed along that of the community as well as our very own comments after it dropped Madden nfl 20 coins yesterday. I am always that I am not likely to assume everything has gone to hell till I see as which makes all of the difference in the 34, how it’s implemented. Look back just on Reddit at how many posts said endurance was about to kill Madden and just how much of a cash grab it had been. The answer was way overblown and most comments I received is that folks enjoyed promo stamina. I surely did as I was able to maintain grinding and earning TP from Madden Today and UL occasions while not needing to get rid of advancement on the voucher and I didn’t spend any more cash than I have on promos this year.

Like all programs, the final implementation is everything. Then we have an issue, if we had every group with power. Butif the number of 105s is limited because of resource requirements, etc., then it should be similar to any other development and certainly will be a fairly slow increase up until the conclusion of the season. Remember: these are assumed to function as end game players. Why would make everyone if it were only a cash grab all have 105s now with nothing to buy in the season.

Lastly, it is my expectation that 105s will be expensive to construct train. Consider the resources needed to go from a 96 into some 100 using T100 (1-95,1-97, 1-99, 3-85 QBs, 3-87 QBs, 3-89 QBs, and 81 staff silvers). Therefore should be a huge load of resources now we will go directly with 200 power to a 105. Where a 99 OVR participant takes just over 220k TP to train up 30 points then add in the TP requirements. The TP price per power level has, thus far linearly increased, so it would be 900k TP to train a 105 if that scale is preserved.

There’s a movie about it. It is going to cost a good deal and resources and time to finish. It is going to take a long time to do it. I believe you can find out exactly what else that means too. I wish they just drop it so we can view what it looks like instead of waiting a week and that I will quit now. Honeslty if it’s bad I gont sell my team off and quit before next season, or just retire from Madden entirely.

We don’t have a great deal of details yet, but yeah, adding a feature at this point in Madden which will let a select few to ditch their teams to unstoppable degree, while the rest of us, can not really do much about it, just does not sound great. Unexpectedly having a team 10 OVR greater than most of your competition does not sound very challenging, even though I had been one of those big spenders or auction home gurus that could reach the top of this.

The remaining part of the season should be chill. People wasted so long this is the biggest slap in the face I have ever experienced and have spent money. So you have to spend more, Whatever mut coins for sale you have spent is useless. Many individuals don’t realize if you updated office stamina stuff, EA made promo stamina to counter that. If you updated madden today coin booster that this promo doesn’t give coins. This is a disgusting way.