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WUHAN YICHAO TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD was created out of a passion for offering genuine products for the skin disorder suffered by people amongst the world. We are renowned as the most reliable and trusted source for medical devices and supplies by medical professionals across the globe. WUHAN YICHAO TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD can treat all kinds of skin treatments. Our medical beauty equipments are also good at controlling inflammation, reconstruction of the skin barrier, blood circulation; restore skin vitality and many more.

Moreover, also we are having our sales team that is young and highly energetic. Our highly professional and qualified team is full of passion, ambition and dreams. Our technical team pays more attention to meet the needs and desires of the customers. We have our own professional who aims to look after your health and sort it out.

We have built our reputation by providing exciting and innovative products and services to our potential customers. Our experts who’re involved in product R & D have a solid knowledge and experience in the respective areas like blue light therapy, vitiligo treatment, and red light therapy and product compliance.

We are specializing in manufacturing products for skin disorders. WUHAN YICHAO TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is our landmark product which has been trusted worldwide because of the fact that it is completely organic and result oriented.

Apart from this, we provide solutions to all our agents and distributors. At the same time, we promise to protect the market of our agents and distributors and give them our best maximum support which comprises of payment methods, marketing programs, treatment options, certification, sales rebate etc.

Therefore, we have a strong commitment to our customers to act with integrity to provide products for the overall improvement of the health.

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Business Name: Wuhan yichao technology equipment co ltd
Contact Person: Sales manager Rachel
Country/Region: China
Street Address: Wuddayuan Road
City: Wuhan
State: Hubei
Postal Code: 430074
Phone No: 0086 18162684887
Email Address: