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Getting a vehicle serviced is a job that not most of us enjoys but is an important task that must be performed regularly. However, the experience is enhanced by the notifications about when the service of your vehicle is due, parts & billing summary of the service and notifications about when the vehicle is serviced and ready, using bulk SMS services from service centers for our vehicles. This would ultimately result in positive customer encounters and customer value addition in all aspects.
In the last decade alone, the automotive industry has grown at a rate that is seen only in the rat population. The fact that the automotive industry is progressing so much at such a rate is astonishing. This also translates to the point that all these vehicles do need servicing which is a factor most vehicle owners think before even buying the vehicle. How good will be the service centre experience? How quickly the vehicle can be serviced? How quickly this information about vehicle service will be transferred, how much has the actual service cost?
The answer to the last questions is fairly simple, almost immediately the notification about the service completion can be sent to the customers and automated SMS services offered from bulk SMS resellers and service providers can also send the bill details using bulk SMS API. This means that in aspects of customer experience the service sector of the automotive servicing industry can score full marks by something as cheap as an SMS notification to the customers while saving money on equivalent telephone bills that will stack up for calling each customer to deliver the same information.
How to cling SMS services in the automotive service industry:

1. Contact a bulk SMS reseller: Getting in touch with the best bulk SMS service provider is the first step in the integration of the SMS campaign in the industry-standard software(s). MsgClub happens to be one of the best SMS solutions provider where a team of industry experts is always available to help you in bulk SMS API amalgamation with your existing software(s).
2. Design your campaign: Every business needs its custom touch and here is where you must take the time to give your business its dues. People at MsgClub will help you with multiple templates that can help you create what you desire.
3. Start sending SMSs: Once done with the design and amalgamation of bulk SMS services in the software(s) of service centre from bulk SMS reseller, proceed with sending automated messages to enhance the experience of your customers.
Simple tools have always been more effective if used with precision for a wider variety of tasks. This is exactly why a screwdriver is more commonly used rather than an impact drill gun which is good only with the battery that it carries. Bulk SMS services have changed how marketers approach their target market and their target audience. Not just this, channels of communications have also undergone a serious upgrade since the inception of bulk SMS services. All this has resulted in a serious competition even in the bulk SMS resellers market.