Some are rather benign and do not feel as though they do anything, while some X-Factors such as Aaron Rodgers’ with MUT 20 Coins (who, when triggered, can not get picked off by AI defenders) or Patrick Mahomes (who can throw the ball almost the amount of the field with near-consistency) feel unbelievably unrealistic and overpowered for no real reason at all.Running backs and receivers also don’t get a huge selection of skills that cater to them specifically, and generally, these items would fit right at home on an NFL Blitz-type match as opposed to a game that aspires to simulate true-to-life soccer like Madden.

There is also not just one X-Factor or Zone Ability for an offensive lineman in the game, which is insane considering how essential they are to any NFL crime (just ask the Colts and Andrew Luck how that is working out to them). If defensive linemen can get things like Fearmongerer and Unstoppable Force, then offensive hog mollies such as David Bakhtiari, Matt Paradis or even Queonton Nelson might have gotten something in this new attribute.

That all said, the sense of player movement has been largely improved over this past year. Evasion moves are easier to pull off but don’t inherently feel overpowered. And as much as players have been vocal about it, the new system of player ratings is a welcome change. Coupled with X-Factors and Zone Abilities, elite players do stand out as big playmakers, but Madden’s issues with cartoons and AI continue to show that the show has a long way to go before bringing it all together in a completely acceptable package.

In-game presentation is largely unchanged as well. Pre-game, halftime and post-game all essentially feel as a lacking copy-and-paste from previous decades. The new score insect can be just downright horrible and obtrusive and is unlike anything you would find on any given Sunday. Some participant face and body likenesses can also be wildly inaccurate when looked at up close to buy Madden NFL 20 Coins (i.e. Panthers tight end Greg Olsen), and tight shoulder pads are also an odd sight on players such as Mahomes. Lighting has been improved again this year, though and some stunning scene shots stayed as well.