Sagar Public School Saket Nagar commenced SPECTRACULUM with great enthusiasm and elation. SPECTRACULUM focused on ingraining an imaginative attitude among Sagarites to make them comprehend on being creative yet share knowledge.

Over 500 teams comprising of over 2000 Sagarites from Class of IV–XI participated to exhibit over 1000+ creative and innovative array of models on Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Commerce, History, Art & Craft, Languages – (Hindi Sanskrit and English), Biology, Environmental Studies, Sports etc. The creative models exhibited by students were of academics and scholastic based on applications to connect on real life issues with usage of advanced technology. The exhibit was witnessed by Sagarites, Parents, Guests and Faculties.

Key attractions of SPECTRACULUM included projects on all terrain environment cleaning vehicle with Clean-O-Fy project, Biomass Pyrolsis conversion of organic waste to electricity, water and liquid ethanol etc, Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Substitute to Petrol with by-product as water, floor cleaning machine, use of mathematics in dam, food chemistry, artificial rainfall, laser security system, sensor gates, hydraulic bridge, bio filtration, motor and generator applications, smart city applications, grid system, solar grid system, vacuum cleaner, solar city, microwave applications, properties of metals, centrifuge machine, Stress Ke Side Effects, evolution of civilization, friction and gravity usage, photon tower, vending machine, drone, application of force etc.

Water Section and its projects attracted attention of parents at SPECTRACULUM showcasing water as necessity of life highlighting conservation of water and environment with models of water cup, reuse of water at home, rain water harvesting, water recyclable plant, drip irrigation, waste water treatment plant, conserving rain drops etc to spread the message Save Earth.

At centre stage near English language SPECTRACULUM , Sagarites showcased The World of Super Heroes with Superman, Spider Man, Shaktimaan, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Superwomen etc which highlighted that Everyone is a Super Hero. Sagarites also created Fitness Gram which attracted parents to test their flexibility, strength, focus, concentration, strength, balance and co-ordination with accuracy activities. The creativity under supervision of their mentors using waste materials highlighted the message of 3 R – Reduce, Recycle and Reuse with message of discourage use of plastic with projects Think before you drink etc set the spectrum with a strong social message.