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The Wisdom Tree School organized a hand on activity for Pre-Primary Wing. They created a market scene in which various shops such as Stationery shop, Grocery shop, a Florist’s shop, Fruit shop, Vegetable shop and many more were set up in the school premises. It was a Role – play activity for the Pre-Primary wing. The market scene was made very realistic which helped the children to understand the functioning of a market also, how to behave in a market. Along with this, they also saw a variety of fruits and vegetables which a new learning experience for them. The terms of seasonal fruits and non-seasonal fruits was explained to the students. The students also learnt how to handle money. Later on, they started doing role plays and acting as shopkeepers themselves. The Florist’s shop also gathered the attention of a lot of students as the students were keen to see different types of flowers. A strong message of ‘SAY NO TO PLASTIC’ was also a part of this activity in which the students were told about the harmful effects of plastic and the alternatives of plastic that are available easily.
The school Principal, Mrs. Sunita Sahi Agrawal visited the market scene with the children and motivated the students in the Role Play learning of the market scene. The Management ,Chairman Mr. KK Srivastava, also participated in the Role play enthusiastically. He stressed upon the Experiential Teaching practices in the school.
The Role Play turned out to be a success and the teaching learning process became fun in the school Premises.