Madagascarlies 400 kilometres off the east coast of Africa and is celebrated for its abundance of wildlife and flora, 80% of which is found nowhere else on earth.

The island offers diverse and spectacular scenery: mountains, deserts, rainforests, dazzling beaches fringing the Indian Ocean and island archipelagos linked by coral reefs and clear turquoise waters. Madagascar is the fourth-largest island in the world, having broken off from Africa during a cataclysmic earthquake some 165 million years ago with endemic fauna and flora that is found nowhere else on earth!

Madagascar Attractions : There are reasons why Madagascar could be visited once in your life!

-The first thing that seems to come to mind when one mentions Madagascar attractions, is lemurs. The country is called “the Lemurs Island”

-A biodiversity Paradise : Unique wildlife in the world. Madagascar : 70% of the world’s chameleon species, 240 of its reptile species are endemic, 150 species of frogs!

-Diving, snorkeling & swimming paradise : Madagascar offers some world-class diving opportunities, especially on the smaller islands of Nosy Be, Ile Sainte Marie and more!

-Birding: 109 species, are endemic. This makes Madagascar one of Africa’s top birding destination

-Whale watching : whales come close to the Madagascar coast from mid June through to October. Ile Sainte Marie is associated with whale-watching in particular.

-Orchids & other flora : 80% of Madagascar’s flora is endemic to the island and has over 13,000 plant species. Including all of the world’s eight baobab species (six of which are endemic to Madagascar). Do you have your international ticket flight ? We are waiting for you at the airport ! The 4WD is ready and you’re your driver is in control, maps are in the glove compartment, tank filled up …Let’s go ! Your driver is certainly your guide. He is on all trips, from prospecting to achievement. He travelled up and down his country, and has been in all spots, he has friends everywhere. He is a tireless discoverer and a great travelling. For more visit