One of the most effective ways for women over 45 to reach their ideal in 2019 has just been exposed by Bogdan V., a world class weight loss expert from Daytona Beach FL.

Bogdan has already helped over 2000 women reach their ideal weight through his personal coaching program which was only available to women from his local area.

In 2019, for the first time since he started to help women lose weight, his coaching services are available online and women who need to lose 60 pounds or more can schedule a free breakthrough call with him via phone or skype.

Bogdan was born in Romania in 1982 and in 2002 he came to USA as an exchange student to work for the summer. He was still in collage, studying Economics and Sports.

He has always been fond of fitness, kickboxing, soccer and going to the gym. But even though he was training and exercising over 12 hours a week, he has lots of fat on his stomach area because of his bad genetics….
However, in that summer of 2002 something happened and that affected his whole life.

He was hired as a waiter at a restaurant in NH, and the restaurant owner was a Greek man in his 60’s who spent over 20 years in the navy before he became a 5 stars chef.

After he became good friends with the Greek owner and he became a trusted employee, he was tought some unusual Navy techniques for burning body fat extremely fast.

Using them, Bogdan had a huge breakthrough and by the end of that summer he found himself with a ripped six pack abs while gaining a few pounds of lean muscles.

Because he was working 2 jobs and a total of 12 hours a day, he only had time for a short 15 minutes workout in the morning before work and to make a few changes in his diet… however his transformation was huge.
He returned back home to Romania in the fall of 2002 and he started to get the attention of so many women because of his new body.

After he got his major in Business Administration and Sports & Nutrition Science, he returned in USA in 2005 for 18 months as a restaurant manager.

Because he had the morning shift at the restaurant and he had plenty of free time after 4 pm, he decided to get a second job at a local gym as a personal trainer.

He started to work with overweight women and to help them lose weight.

Even though he did his best for his clients, in his first few years as a personal trainer, only half of his clients achieved good results with his techniques.

Bogdan realized that the ones who were not successful had a mindset and motivation problem, so he decided to stay in the USA and continue his studies about the human mind, because he realized that if he could find a way to help overweight women change their mindset, they would lose weight easier.

So he got his green card and spent the next 3 years studying psychology, he went to a few spiritual retreats and got licensed in the New German Holistic Medicine and became a licensed Theta Waves Healer.
In 2012 he decided to only focus on helping women with weight loss and to combine spirituality with his weight loss technique and all of a sudden he became so busy that he had to turn down clients.

His clients started to show miraculous transformations literary overnight, so he decided to increase his prices and to only take really motivated women as clients.

That’s when the success rate for his clients got close to 100%, with many of his clients losing over 50 pounds of fat in just 3 months and others reached their ideal weight in under 6 months.

What was amazing about his clients was the fact that not only they lost a lot of weight, but their whole lives changed. They were filled with enthusiasm and were much happier.

In 2014, while he was on a trip to Hawaii, he became good friends with a local personal trainer, Aline and he taught her his method. Later on that year, they launched an online weight loss program that was sold in over 100.000 copies worldwide.

The weight loss program was really good and provided real results, but because it didn’t provide 24/7 support for their clients, many of their clients lost their motivation before their reached their weight loss goals.
Bogdan continued to work 1 on 1 with his clients and the results he’s helped his clients achieve were simply amazing. His success rate was 100% and he became committed to keep this high percentage forever.

In the end of 2018 he realized that he was spending over 50 hours each week working with his clients, leaving him with very little time for his passions and family…

At the same time he realized that he was able to help only a limited amount of women who lived in his area, so he decided to launch his online coaching program in which he could work with women from all over USA and Canada and that he would only focus on helping women who are over 60 pounds overweight, because they were the ones who needed the most help.

He also decided that he would take as clients, only women who were committed, resourceful and really motivated.
So, women who are really motivated to reach your ideal weight in 2019, can USE THIS PAGE to see if they qualify to work with Bogdan and apply for a 45 minutes free breakthrough session with him over the phone or skype.
In that free session, Bogdan will give them a plan to reach their ideal weight and women who want a transformation in their bodies, can apply for a free call HERE!