Huntite is a carbonate mineral which has a chemical formula Mg3Ca (CO3)4. It crystallizes in the trigonal system and occurs as platy crystals and powdery masses. This mineral is a dried, crushed, and finely grounded white powder. Huntite is a combination of different Mg/Ca carbonates which includes magnesite, hydromagnesite, and dolomite.

The decomposition of huntite at a temperature which ranges from 450 to 800°Celsius releases carbon dioxide and leaves calcium oxides and magnesium residue. Huntite is used for various applications in chemical industry. Huntite is been found in a variety of environments.

In terms of end-use industry, the huntite market is segmented into chemical, construction, agriculture, and others. Based on application, the huntite market is divided into glasses, ceramics, light bulbs, plastic woods, wooden flooring, paints, heating elements, paints & coatings, and others.

In terms of region, the huntite market is categorized into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is the largest consumer of huntite due to its extensive usage in the chemical industry. Demand for huntite market is anticipated to increase in North America and Europe during the forecast period.

The construction market in Eastern Europe and BRIC nations is growing at rapid pace, which is projected to increase the usage of minerals. This, in turn, is expected to create an opportunity for the huntite market during the forecast period.

Key players operating in the huntite market include Leap Labchem Company Limited, Skyrun Industrial Company Limited, Wanko Chemical Company Limited, and Sibleco.

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