New York, NY ( ) January 16, 2019 – Online Class Cheat Reviews is an online class help website that helps students looking for take my online class websites. They offer unbiased reviews of different online class takers, including information about their customer service and other aspects of their service.

“The problem with online class takers is that there are plenty of scammers looking to fleece gullible online students. It’s hard to distinguish between genuine service providers and these scammers thanks to the same promises they make. Rather than blindly trusting tutors, it makes sense to read through the reviews and make the right choice,” says a spokesperson.

The testimonials are written by real students who have hired these tutors in the past. “The website also includes a review of the tutor based on their customer service, grade promise, refund policy, and security. Online Class Cheat Reviews helps clients cut through the noise and hire genuine tutors,” he adds.

To ensure that the testimonials are legitimate, the website only accepts reviews that are supported with evidence. Clients send us a screenshot of the email conversation between the tutor and themselves along with the grades they received. Sometimes, Online Class Cheat Reviews calls these service providers and poses as a client in order to learn more. “All reviews and testimonials on our website are based on facts and not conjecture,” adds the spokesperson.

About Online Class Cheat Reviews: Online Class Cheat Reviews is a US-based review site offering to help students hiring take my online class websites. The website encourages students to read reviews and testimonials about different tutors before paying.

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