9th January 2019, New Delhi: OVN Trading Engineers is a company which provides full power and pumping appliances and solutions. It was established in the year 1949 and since then it has expanded the business in 15 other countries.

A recent press meet was organized by OVN in the city Delhi in which few more details of the company were highlighted.

We at OVN has been serving the industry of pumping and power supply from the year 1949 and we are the first one to start the pumping plants and generating sets business in the country India. Since our establishment, we have served more than 15,000 trusted clients and the number is growing regularly. In the year 1967 OVN: Trading Engineers have expanded their business in 15 other countries after the success in India. We are one of the most prominent industrial power generator manufacturers in the country. This company is headed by some experience and great engineers of Power Plants which also includes maintenance and assembly of gas and diesel engines, electric motors, generating sets, control panels, alternators and other water pumping stations and allied equipment. Lifetime relations with the customers is the belief of OVN.

OVN provides you every kind of service related to power and pumping including supply and installation of the product and we are proud to say that we are the fastest in the industry in our services and this is not our saying but the happy customers we have served till date has been saying this and we do not have any customer who had bad experience with us because customer satisfaction is our first priority. We are the best industrial genset manufacturers in delhi. With having numbers of friendly employees who do not let the customers take any stress of the supply or installation of the product and they are at the doors of the customers in the fastest speed when there is a complaint made by any of the customers about the product of OVN.

We have a great experience and expertise in delivering the quality and quantity at the same time and this has come with the experience of the industry of more than 6 decades. We are ready for everything but not ready to let the name of our company go down because a trust of more than 60 years is attached with our name for our customers who rely on us blindly and we cannot let that trust down.

About The Company: OVN: Trading Engineers (www.ovn.in) is an India based company, which is the oldest supplier of power and pumping solutions which has its head office in the city of Delhi. A company which is now running in other 15 countries after establishing itself in India.