Once you have decided to go solar and have sorted out your finances, the final step is to select a solar panel company. Going solar is a huge investment, and as with any other big purchase, it is essential to employ with someone that you can trust.

While selecting a solar company for installation, it is crucial for you to ask the following questions to ensure that you have found the right installer for your particular needs.

– Licenses and insurance

Ensure that all top solar companies that you meet have the necessary credentials and insurance policies where they operate. Moreover, be sure to ask installers about their licenses and qualifications.

– Does the company have a necessary business license and insurance policies?
– What is their license number? (Useful to verify their credentials.)
– Do they have NABCEP-certification?
– Do they install and design the panels themselves, or do they provide the contract to local companies?
– Will there be master electrician available during installation?

– Installer experience and expertise

While looking for solar panel installer, it is vital that they have experience in their field and have good user reviews. Always ask the questions regarding their experience level.

– For how long have they been in business?
– Do they operate in multiple states, or they operate locally?
– How many solar energy systems have they installed?
– Can they provide you with references, customer reviews, and examples of their other installations?

– Warranties and replacement/repair procedures

While most solar energy systems do not require maintenance and can efficiently operate without any problems for their 25- to 35-year lifespan, but you should be familiar with your installer’s replacement or repair procedures so that you can call them during any mishap.

– To whom you should contact when a problem arises with the system? Who is responsible to make sure that the systems are serviced on time?
– How many different warranties are there in total for the system’s components, and do they cover shipping and labour costs in the event of component failure?
– Does the warranty cover your roof?
– What is the procedure of removing and replacing panels during roof repairs? Does the company offer a performance guarantee?

– Solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs)

If you choose a solar lease or PPA, you will have an ongoing relationship with the installer for a certain duration. Ask the following questions to ensure that you keep a note regarding the specifics of your lease.

– After the installation will there be a lien placed on your property?
– Does the system is covered in an insurance policy, or do you need to apply for additional homeowner’s insurance?
– What is the utility inflation rate do they use to while calculating your projected savings?
– What is the increase rate of solar lease/PPA payment annually?
– What are the additional charges for breaking the contract early?

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