Upshot Technologies, the best training institute in BTM Marathali Bangalore have announced comprehensive digital skill courses for students to boost various digital skills and to stay relevant with the latest skills appropriate for the digital age.

The courses are developed to helps students gain job-ready skills, technical and real-world experience through hands-on experiments, online work, and expert instruction to pave the way for careers in distinctive digital fields.

The Digital Skill Courses developed by Upshot Technologies includes DevOps, AWS, Hadoop, Data Science, Python, and Tableau. The courses are easily accessible, optimized for mobile so that the students can learn from anywhere and at any time quickly.

Each course is designed to help students understand the dynamic digital world, from recognizing the basic to more advanced concepts, how to put them to use and more with accessible options. The learning material offers promising content to help the students journey to employment including career guides, case studies, and signposts for future education purpose and the work experience opportunities.

Here are some of the details of each Digital Courses incorporated.

DevOps Certification Course: There are six different training courses available under DevOps training namely Ansible Training, Chef Training, Docket Training, Git & Git Hub Training, Jenkins Training, and Puppet Training. The complete course will be dealing with the introduction to DevOps, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, AWS Cloud Technical Essentials, Fundamentals of Linux Administration, GIT Version Control, Continous Integration with Jenkins, Nagios Monitoring, Ansible and Docker containers.

Hadoop Training: The training covers the fundamental of core java, basic SQL, introduction to Hadoop and BigData, Deep dive in HDFS, HDFS file operation lifecycle, understanding MapReduce, MapReduce Internals, Advanced MapReduce Algorithm, Apache Pig, Apache Pig Coding and more.

Data Science Training: The training covers Introduction to R, Understanding the R data structure, Importing and manipulation of data, using R functions, R programming, Statistics, Machine Learning Algorithm and more.

Tableau Certification Course: The training covers the overview of the Tableau, creating views, calculated fields, formatting, building interactive dashboards, sharing workbooks and more.

AWS Certification Course: The AWS course from Upshot covers Linux Fundamentals, Installation & Initialization, Boot 7 Package Management, User Administration, Run Levels, Overview of the service protocols like FTP, DHCP, DNS, Apache, Samba, LVM, AWS Sysops Administrator Certifications, Virtualization, AWS platforms, EC2 Instances, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Elastic Block Storage, Storage in Cloud, Cloud Front, Route53, Identify Access Management, AWS security Management, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Relational Database Service and more.

Python Training: The certification course covers Memory management & Garbage collections, Syntax and Statements, File Operations, Functions, Anonymous Functions, Modules and packages, Exception Handling and other advanced concepts.