Truebil, India’s leading omni-channel platform for buying and selling of pre-owned cars, recently announcedDon’t Drink and Drive’ campaign, aimed at encouraging revelers not to drink at all if they plan to drive. Truebil, decided to start an initiative to build awareness around the topic, create a buzz and help save lives. Thus was born the ‘I am Sober’ campaign a year back. Encouraged by the overwhelming response, this year they followed it up with the ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ campaign that dwelt on the scary effects of drunk driving; on the horrifying aftermath.

This year too, the idea is to ensure a safe and secure night of merrymaking for its customers this New Year’s Eve. As part of the campaign, three short videos have been released on Truebil’s digital and social media pages to promote the key message that driving after drinking is definitely a bad idea. Drunken driving is one of the major reasons behind fatal road-accidents in the country. The problem aggravates at its peak during New Year’s Eve, when people attend late night parties and end up driving recklessly on the roads. While the government, bars, and many public-service bodies are making precautionary arrangements in the form of booking cabs, providing temporary drop-off facilities, Truebil’s digital videos promote the idea of responsible or no drinking to make it a joyous occasion for everybody.

Commenting on the campaign, Shubh Bansal, Co-founder and Chief of Marketing and Growth, Truebil said, “Drunken driving-related accidents increase on every New Year’s Eve even after numerous efforts are made by different organisations, government bodies and brands to prevent the same. We, at Truebil, decided to contribute to the safety measures by giving a reality check to our customers and all those watching the videos. Our primary motive behind crafting the thoughtful digital campaign is to ensure safety on the last night of 2018.”

The new campaign videos have been shot in three situations wherein one video shows a speeding car on the road being stopped by a traffic cop with a raised chequered flag. The video sends out a message to the viewers that the road becomes a racing track when one drinks and drives. The second video features a man heading towards a night club and hands over his car keys to the valet boy before stepping in. The next shot shows him stepping out of the club heavily drunk and getting his keys back from ‘Yamraj’- The lord of death, sending out the message that ‘Don’t invite death’. Finally, the third video shows a man paying for his drink at a bar. The next shot shows him heavily drunk in the bathroom trying to wash his face. While staring at the mirror, he foresees himself bleeding and bruised. The video ends with a warning message by Truebil, which says, ‘This can be you!’