Roof Insulation is a part of your home’s thermal barrier lot, and this thermal barrier plays a vital role in maintaining comfortable temperature ranges in your home. As you know, modern insulation products serve you for many decades, and some manufacturers even give a lifetime warranty for their products. At NoGap, we sell quality thermal barriers that last for decades. What is Roof Insulation Thermal Efficiency? Depending on the climate in your city or region, you should choose the right R-value, which is the fact that determines the thermal efficiency of all insulation products. A few insulation products are available in the market that we don’t refer to R-values. Anyway, in general; the R-value denotes the thermal efficiency.

When you install new insulation correctly according to the manufacturer’s instruction, it offers you the maximum thermal protection. For example, if Roof Insulation you choose comes with an R-value 2.00; it offers you thermal protection related to that appropriate R-value. Remember, the thermal protection that a distinct insulation product can offer can’t exceed its limits. For example, if you live in the colder part of Australia; R-2.00 insulation doesn’t provide you with the required thermal protection. Will the thermal efficiency of Roof Insulation go down with time? Well, theoretically; it won’t, but practically; it can happen. Nothing in this world is permanent; hence deterioration of insulation takes place even at a pretty low phase. Are you confused now? At the beginning of the article, we said that Roof Insulation lasts a lifetime, but why do we talk about the deterioration of it now? Well, this early-stage deterioration takes place due to day-to-day insulation killers or your ignorance. For example, the overall efficiency of any thermal barrier can go down as a result water ingress. Water ingress fills the air pockets, creating a uniform medium for heat to flow through the material. Also, this water ingress can reduce the long life of the product to a greater extent.

Roof Insulation acts best when it fills all the present gaps on the roof. Anyway, wildlife such as rodents and bats can cause severe damages to all thermal barriers and create passages. Hence, heat or cold invade your home through those created passages. But, this thermal protection reduction won’t take place due to Roof Insulation faults. When a thermal barrier gets damaged by any of external factors such as from common insulation killers; the manufacturer of the product is not the party that is responsible for it. Those are natural and artificial phenomena that we can or can’t control. But, we should take actions to minimize those damages caused by day-to-day insulation killers.

Can you recover Roof Insulation from the damages already taken place? Well, this restoration method depends on the severity of the damages made. If critical damages have happened; unfortunately, you will have to replace the thermal barrier. If you are a lucky homeowner, you may use some of it and replace the damaged thermal barrier only. And, this means you too have a role to play as the homeowner. Inspect Roof Insulation for damages and signs of deterioration at least once a month. Or, you can hire a home inspector for this inspection process. Also, buy quality thermal barriers from a reputable supplier like NoGap in the first hand.