On this occasion, the spokesperson of this best software testing company announced their wide range of non-functional software testing services. The company will benefit its customers with all or individual non-functional testing services to meet their requirements.

The representative of the company shared brief of all non-functional software testing services offered by the company, which are briefed below:

Performance Testing

It is performed to identify benchmark, weaknesses and issues that arise in the performance of the software under different conditions.

Comparison Testing

It compares the product with its competitors and tests how it can work well against its competitors. It is must find the strengths and weaknesses of the product so it can be marketed in a right way to increase revenues.

Compatibility Testing

This type of non-functional software testing is important to assure each user of the solution / application will have similar positive experience, regardless of browser, device, operating system and other factors.

Scalability Testing
It aims to identify possible concerns and performance of the system in case of data transfer, traffic and work load at the time of software scale-up process.

Usability Testing

This software testing process checks how convenient and easy the software is for end users to learn and use.
Volume Testing

This non-functional software testing is used to check the data load capabilities of the solution or application. It checks if the performance degrades in case of large date search and index.

Security Testing

It tests the different aspects to find possible security loophole. It helps in preventing software from possible malicious hack and date stealing attacks.
Static Testing

This kind of software testing aims to identify possible bugs in the early stage of the software development to assure on time launch in predefined budget.

Configuration Testing

This software testing includes validation and behavior testing of the solution or application to see how it performs in different environments. It assures the best performance of the solution in the long term without getting affected with configuration changes.

Endurance Testing

This type of software testing is also known as Soak testing. It aims to identify the sustainability and performance of the solution under constant high load.

Globalization Testing

This type of non-functional software testing assures the solution operates well in multiple international languages if it is targeting different locals. This type of software testing assures the verification of performance and compatibility in all targeted languages.

Localization Testing

This software testing is similar to globalization testing. The only difference is this testing process is run by keeping predefined individual locales in mind.
Mobile Testing

Based on the demand and the need of the customer, QA Mentor performs extensive mobile testing. It can test performance and compatibility of application or website on a specific mobile platform and devices or on all possible devices and platforms.

Portability Testing

It is multifaceted software testing to assure the performance of the solution under different type of software and hardware environment. It aims to identify benchmark and / or possible weaknesses of the software during testing.

Installation Testing

It is also known as implantation testing. This software testing checks how specific software work after installation on different systems or mobile devices.

Load Testing

The software is tested under normal, heavy and project growth load to identify benchmark performance and possible issues under different load conditions. It helps in improvising load handling of the solution.

Recovery Testing

This non-functional software testing service identifies the recovery rate of the software, in case of failure, crash or other major issues faced by the software. It is necessary to identify how quickly operations can be resumed after a possible crash.
Stress Testing

The software is put under extreme cases to handle the heavy flow of users. It helps in finding the performance and response of the software or website under high stress conditions. It aims to find possible errors and error handling under heavy stress conditions.
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