A Migration Lawyer Melbourne can increase the success rate of your visa application in many ways. Well, these experts don’t do magic for you, but fulfilling all the necessary requirements that the visa office expects from you is what they do at best. Should you hire an immigration lawyer during your visa application process? Well, our previous articles have discussed this topic in detail; yes, you should hire a Migration Lawyer Melbourne when you apply for staying or settling visa in Melbourne. The immigration law system of Australia is now more towards limiting immigrants entering or setting in the country. Well, the Australian government along with the border force initiated this stricter process after 2010 to control illegal immigrants entering the country. Strict immigration law means the number of factors that you should fulfill when obtaining any visa is pretty high.

How will a Migration Lawyer Melbourne deal with these complicated visa processes? Yes, the eligibility is the factor to analyze here, which is your qualification/right to stay or settle in Melbourne. We can categorize the eligibility of visa applicants as high, low, and no eligibility. Depending on your situation, the Migration Lawyer Melbourne plans “what’s next?” Unfortunately, even an immigration lawyer can’t get the visa for an applicant whose eligibility is zero. But, the majority of visa applicants don’t have a clue of proving their eligibility to the visa office. As a result, either they make mistakes throughout this process, or they don’t provide enough evidence to prove their eligibility. The Australian visa office now rejects visa applications that don’t fulfill all the needed requirements, and they are pretty strict in those cases. Well, the downsides of this first-time rejection can continue for a lifetime. In other words, this rejection leaves a black mark on your visa history, and the visa office will forever focus on this factor if you apply again and again. A Migration Lawyer Melbourne does his/her best to prove “your” eligibility to the visa office on your behalf.

Filling your visa application form accordingly without making any mistakes; explaining your weaknesses related to eligibility, and preparing you for an appeal are the top methods of immigration lawyers. Well, taking your case to the immigration court is the last option, after your visa application gets refused by the visa office. The immigration court is a system that gives priority to human rights of all the refused visa applicants. But, this time, you should make sure not to make even a single mistake with your appealing process; hence hiring a Migration Lawyer Melbourne is a must-do.

Immigration lawyers are experts in the industry who have mastered the Australian immigration law; hence they know if the visa office has made a mistake when refusing your visa application. Why does the visa office reject visa applications? Well, giving an exact answer to this question is not practical. It also depends on who takes over your visa application and proceedings at the visa office. A quick tip: if the visa office has made critical mistakes when analyzing your application; hence they rejected it; you are lucky in this case. Then, the Migration Lawyer Melbourne can highlight all those mistakes and take it to the immigration court for you. The immigration judge, in this case; focuses more on the fact that the visa office has analyzed your case carelessly.