Furniture are the soul of interior decoration. Like adding meat to bare bones, furnishing gives a space its cosmetics character and evokes a certain mood. Sleek and minimal furniture give a space a modern look while designer and vintage pieces make rooms look ritzy. One’s choice of furniture should always be in alignment with how one wants their interior to look or feel. Open Furnitures, a Delhi-based furniture manufacturer and supplier understands the nuances of home décor. In its catalogue of furniture, it brings to the buyers options galore in furnishing of all kinds. A store that offers cheapest sofa set online, Open Furnitures is a popular name in the households of New Delhi and outside.
Open Furnitures is a startup venture that rose to prominence in a very short time. The store became a go-to furniture store for Delhi neighborhoods for two reasons- high quality and low cost furniture. Balancing the two has been rather tricky, admits Mr. Shiv Shankar who started the business with the object to bring to the market a selection of top-quality furniture for a competitive price. But with the help of vendors and carpenters onboard whose mission aligns with his, Mr. Shankar has been able to put together a surprisingly inclusive catalogue of home furniture with conservative price tags. Today, most homeowners and residents turn to Open Furnitures to buy Sofa Set online in Delhi
Open Furnitures is run by a large and well-coordinated team of carpenters, woodworkers and designers who conduct the operation end to end. From drafting a design to the final touch-up, the in-house team of workers at Open Furnitures does it all. Recently, Open Furnitures has added a customization section to their website wherein buyers can get bespoke furniture. Open Furnitures has kept the process of customization rather simple and short. After checking out the latest designer beds online on its catalogue or outside, a buyer can send in their design of choice with required notes. The designing team contacts the buyers directly for a round of discussion before the carpenters take over the design and start building the piece. Within days, the furniture is delivered to the required addressed, ready and assembled.
The product list of Open Furnitures is pretty extensive. It includes sofa sets, chairs, tables, bed sets, dining sets, closets and almirahs, entertainment sets and more. Local residents turn to Open Furnitures to buy dining table set online, bed sets and other big and small furniture purchases. The price being easy and the quality dependable, the store is one of the most popular names in its niche in the local neighborhoods and outside. Quotes for custom orders can be requested over phone or online through Open Furnitures website.
In addition to home furniture, one can also buy office chairs online and other pieces for office use from the store or website.