Kaser Corp has developed the device “PlayIt” for all those, who want an easier management method for their digital lives. Who doesn’t want to enjoy YouTube videos, social media feeds, weather forecast, news updates, live Facebook streaming, Twitter news feed and much more right on their big screen TV? Everyone wants it.
What Are the Benefits of PlayIt?
Innovative Solution:
PlayIt is an innovative solution to age-old problems of digital management. This Android TV Box is a one-in-all hub for all your favorite social media platforms and entertainment mediums. Enjoy your favorite channels, watch YouTube videos and read your entire social media feeds with just simple clicks on the remote controller.
Voice-controlled Actions:
PlayIt Android TV Box allows you to sit back, relax and control your TV with just voice commands. Change channels, launch different apps, control volume levels and much more with just voice commands.
PlayIt comes with a pre-installed microphone, so you don’t even have to rely on remote controller for voice commands. Your device will understand you from anywhere in the room with the help of state-of-the-art microphone.
Kloud Camera:
How many TV box sets come with an internal camera? PlayIt Android TV Box comes with an internal cutting-edge Kloud camera, which is capable of capturing 20*20 feet with crystal clear audio and video quality.
You can video chat with your friends via skype, or conduct a professional conference call with your employees from the comfort of your home. Click once, and let PlayIt do everything for you. Hang Up a video call with voice commands. PlayIt does it all.
Miscellaneous Perks:
You can build a list of your favorite channels, and easily switch between them according to your mood. Go to the online web management page for your device, and link up YouTube playlists with your Android TV Box.
Once you have linked your social media accounts with your device, you will be able to view your image galleries, liked videos, favorite playlists on your big screen. Video search in YouTube application with voice commands.
PlayIt is the management and entertainment tool that the audience wanted. Enjoy, consume content, keep everything in one android TV box with the help of PlayIt by Kaser Corp.
It comes with Kloud Player, which is an internal application built to help the users with content management, and video playing functionalities from different online sources. It allows YouTube videos to be played smoothly on the big screen. It syncs with the playlists and lets you enjoy everything on your TV.