Customer service is at the heart of any business, and distribution companies face many challenges. They distribute goods to dealers, wholesalers, retailers, and even end users. There are unlimited numbers of distribution companies out there, and unless customers are totally satisfied with the service they receive, they will be off to a competitor without a second thought.

ProspectSoft provides a distribution CRM which helps distributors to deal with the often-complex day-to-day problems that they face, particularly at the forefront where the salespeople meet the customer face to face. When you have all of the customer information at your fingertips, including sales, previous orders, queries, returns, refunds, average order value, seasonal demands, and more, every call that you make will be more productive.

The information is available to everyone throughout the company – warehouse staff, marketing, finance, and obviously the sales team and management. This enables people to take decisions based on facts rather than on guesswork which makes for a greater customer experience and results in customer loyalty. After all, it is far easier and more cost-effective to keep a customer that you already have rather than going out and finding a new one.

Furthermore, when you are a distributor and distributing to wholesalers, dealers, retailers, or end users, each of them has differing requirements. You cannot treat them all as one mass market because they all have different expectations. With a ProspectSoft CRM designed for distributors you can keep tabs on all your different customers and provide them with the different levels of service that they expect.