27 December 2018 – Royal Indonesia provides amazing services for those who are dreaming to visit the amazing country-islands. The majestic tourism services offered by the particular Royal Indonesia company will amaze you indeed, you only have to trust and rely on their offerings. Umroh, Haji and other amazing places are waiting for you. Do not lose this chance to discover deeper the culture of Indonesia.

Indonesia is a civilized exotic: pristine beauty beaches, black volcanic sand, tropical forests, palaces, national parks and, of course, surfing. Locals love to tell a story about how the gods built the island of Bali to live there themselves, but soon, in a fit of generosity, they allowed people to live here. Bali – a budget one, this direction can not be called, but the high prices for holidays in Indonesia are justified by the highest quality service. It takes a long time to fly: about 15 hours from Moscow, but there are no problems with a visa – they are put to Russian citizens right on the border if they travel no longer than 30 days. The best time to travel to Indonesia is from March to September, this time is considered to be the dry season, when there is almost no rain. It is rainy throughout the country from November to March, but usually it doesn’t bother tourists much, as the rains are short and mostly at night.

Local guides are required to present a pompous legend to all newcomers to Indonesia: it turns out that the island of Bali was originally equipped by the gods exclusively “for themselves” – and only later, after getting hungry (or perhaps having lost so much), they decided to open it to people. Indonesia cannot be called a cheap destination. However, this country offers really high-quality rest, which justifies its cost, and the flow of people who want to rest “like gods” is growing every season. The two main categories of tourists who are attracted to Indonesia: “experienced” secured travelers in search of new experiences and equally well-to-do newlyweds enjoying their honeymoon trip. If prices are not confused, the only “but” may be only the duration of the flight. As for visa formalities, they are minimized: Indonesia “stamps” visas for Russians directly at passport control.

About Royal Indonesia:
Royal Indonesia is the best local touristic agency offering services for foreigners and Indonesian to visit the best cities and places of the country.

Company Name: Royal Indonesia
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