Furniture are a big part of home décor. No matter how many artworks hang on the walls, it is the furniture pieces that set the tone of a décor. To that effect, homeowners spend excessively on furnishing their homes, and even that means skimping on other utilities. But in reality, one does not need to choose one or the other if they are looking in the right places. Sai Furniture is one of the few stores in Delhi that helps buyers find high-end furniture in affordable prices. Delhi is an expensive city and after real estate properties, furniture is the next big commitment for homeowners. Being one of the most prominent furniture manufacturers in Delhi, one of its priorities is to bring to the buyers competitive priced furniture that compliment all kinds of home designs.

Sai Furniture Art was founded in 2004. Its current owner and CEO Mr. O. P. Bajaj through years of hard work has established the business as one of the ace manufacturers and sellers in Delhi. Sai Furniture has a long catalogue of furniture that comprises of designer sofa set manufacturers Delhi, dining tables and more. Focused specially on living room furniture Delhi, Sai Furniture brings to the market a miscellany of jaw dropping options in living and dining room furniture that at once are awe-inspiring and luxuriant.

Carved sofa set is one of its specialties in which it has an enormous collection of rich designed daybed and futons. Its curved sofa sets feature elaborate patterns and designs that reflect antiquity. Curved with expensive wood like teak, these sofa sets are handcrafted at the company workshop. Behind these pieces are some of their finest woodworkers who are locally popular for whit craftsmanship and creativity. Sai Furniture borrows design ideas from antique furniture as well as modern ones. One of the jobs of its designers is to coalesce ideas from different sources and knit them together into luxe designs that buyers can’t peel their eyes from.

Aside from curved sofa, its inventory has a selection of modern designer sofas that is stuffed with sets that are sleek and modular in design, but very chic and expensive-looking as well. Alpine, Apollo, British, Crystal, Cosmo, Crown, Aldo, Atlas, Ess, Grand, Jack, Montana are a few of its best sellers. All its modern sofas are space-saving, have great comfortable seats and designs that are hard to miss. As of now, Sai Furniture has an enormous collection of design sofas that include L pattern sets to three-seaters and sets with divans.
Sai Furniture is also locally well-known as dining tables set manufacturers Delhi. Its catalogue of dining tables comprises of both luxe and simple pieces. There are designs that fit seamlessly with small indoors as well as those that work great for spacious homes, even those that go perfectly with ritzy interior designs. Custom orders are also taken from clients who prefer to be involved in designing their furniture.

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