Medical spas, also known as med spas and medi-spas, have a results-oriented, “medical” focus in addition to providing the relaxing/pampering atmosphere found at “day spas.” Medical spas offer non-invasive or minimally invasive medical aesthetic services for people who are looking to improve themselves without surgery or extended downtime.

At you will find great medical spa for treatments such as Ultherapy in an atmosphere that is luxurious. The spa promotes uniformity in the treatment of patients to insure the best results. It also allows patients a feeling of comfort in the surroundings which is important as well.

Medical spa is a great fusion of popular noninvasive cosmetic surgery procedures and traditional relaxation spa services. They can be an effective way to get out of the office and come back looking and feeling young and refreshed.

Freeze the Fat treatment at FreezetheFatDr is precisely directed ultrasound waves penetrate only the skin surface and are focused on the level of the collagen and elastin tissue layers deeper in the skin. The thermal effects delivered by this focused energy eventually stimulate the production of new collagen to replace the old and aged collagen. The end-result of this collagen replacement process is a firming, tightening and lifting of the skin.

About FreezetheFatDr:

FreezetheFatDr medical spa close to you is a custom-built facility staffed by highly specialized professionals. They offer dedicated treatment rooms at premier location and cutting edge technologies. All the treatments are designed to provide incredible positive health and cosmetic outcomes with minimal recovery times. Most of their treatments are non-invasive, giving you that natural look without seeming like you’ve had work done.

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