ABM Innovative FZE is the top-class biometric solution provider in UAE which offers fingerprint time attendance, fingerprint door access control, job card punching machine, guard patrolling system, fingerprint door lock, biometric face recognition and security system at an affordable price.
We have designed our equipment in such a way so that these can replace the traditional biometric system and also eliminates all the errors as it will automatically calculate leaves, vacation days which will help in making the payroll. We make employee tracking a flawless and automated process with our attendance solution that makes easier for the company to track employee hours, absences, sick leaves, holidays etc.
We provide Face Attendance System Dubai which prevents any type of fraud recording of working hours that employees used to do with manual paper attendance system. We have introduced smart and elegant designed face recognition system for access control applications and it can also keep track of the holidays requested for.
When using our Face Attendance System Dubai, employees can identify themselves either by face, fingerprint or card ID We use the latest technology in our machines that works even faster than its predecessor and provide hygienic full touch-free biometric authentication.
We have the best Time Date Stamping Machine Dubai which is a robust design and can do both positive and negative card identification. Our time date machine can print auto turning on time change and is built in power adapter helps to keep the track of the employees in an efficient way.
We also offer Guard tour system Dubai which will make patrols as per the procedure in order to get maximum value from the security officer. Our machine helps in maintain the record regarding several times per shift of the guards and cover all the important areas of the facility.
So hurry up and get your Time Date Stamping Machine Dubai with ABM Innovative FZE today. You can visit our website to get complete information about our products. If you have any query regarding us, then please call us and we will get right back to you.