What is a neonatal coronary heart disease?
A neonatal coronary heart disease is a defect or a condition, most commonly diagnosed of since the past few years. An average of 6-13 new born out of 1000 are born with an NCHD condition. Out of these 25 to 33 percent stand critical and 53 percent are detected in a pre-natal condition. The fact is that even now, there has been incomplete levels of awareness amongst the people, resulting in vast numbers of loss of lives and critical medical conditions. This can be controlled and overcome with proper, adequate and timely knowledge about the reasons, the probability, the risks and the best methods of treatment available.
It might take many parents to surprise of their baby being diagnosed with neonatal coronary heart disease. But, if given a deeper thought at it, the reasons lie within the parents themselves. Other times, these are detected in pace with the growth of the child in the later stages.
Types of Coronary heart diseases in neonates
These diseases have been divided into two- Cyanotic and Non Cyanotic. The severity of the cases detected are judged by the type of Coronary Heart Diseases as confirmed by the cardiologists.
Cyanotic heart diseases
Cyanotic heart diseases as the name suggests are those that are present from the very time of birth. It happens so because of the defects in the heart that have been detected since the time of birth of the neonatal. These mainly take place due to the low oxygen flow into the lungs of the baby or when there are imbalances in the oxygen flow through the baby’s body. In such conditions, there can be blocks found in the new born’s body since the time of birth itself. Apart from these, there can be visible changes like bluishness in the child’s body, being underweight at the time of birth, all of which might lead to mental or neurological abnormalities in the near future.
Non-Cyanotic heart diseases
A non-cyanotic heart disease is often caused at the pre-birth stage of the neonate. The obstructive shunts formed in the heart of the baby is said to be the main cause of this coronary heart disease in neonates. These can be caused due to multiple reasons such as genetic issues, abnormalities during the period of pregnancy, changes in food habits or abnormal habits such as smoking or consumption of alcohol which might affect the heart health of the baby and pave way to certain kinds of coronary heart diseases. In this case, there can be no pre-judgements or pre-decisions taken since the symptoms of this medical condition takes time to be detected.
Symptoms of Coronary heart diseases in neonates
Pale skin colour
The neonates born with coronary heart diseases are often found to be born with a pale skin tone. This is mainly due to the lack of supply and circulation of blood and oxygen to the baby’s body parts. The depth of paleness in the baby’s body helps the cardiologist decide what kind of treatment is to be offered to the neonatal. Such a condition if detected, needs medical diagnosis and immediate medical treatment is to be started without causing further delay.
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