Internal Sliding Doors come in a broad range for modern homes and other construction projects now. GB is one of the highly-reputed door and window suppliers in the Melbourne region; hence you can choose us for all construction projects and door replacements. What are the top sliding doors options available in the market today? Yes, a sliding door is a creation that saves a lot of space of your home as it doesn’t close or open in and out. In other words, it slides along a wall or into a cavity. The door goes invisible when opened is the top advantage here. Anyway, Internal Sliding Doors installation is somewhat challenging as a few structural modifications will require for the installation of it, and this is where we come in handy for you.

The single-panel sliding door is the most common type available in the market today. At GB, we offer two categories under this class as well; framed doors and frameless doors. Depending on your wishes and architectural likes and dislikes; you can choose the preferred type for your construction project. Glass and aluminium are the materials used for the majority of the sliding doors in the market. Why glass and aluminium? Well, both these materials come with superior resistance to environmental factors that deteriorate other materials such as wood and plastics. What is the difference between framed and frameless Internal Sliding Doors? Or, which is the best option for your home? Well, both these door options will serve you for many decades. Edge-polished and toughened glass is the element used for frameless doors. The frame will mostly be made of aluminium; this metal comes with unique properties such as durability, corrosion resistance, high strength to weight ratio, and so on. In summary, framed and frameless sliding doors are ideal options for all modern construction projects.

Depending on the isolation you need, you can request clear or shaded glass from the manufacturer. Or, blurred glass is another option to consider for Internal Sliding Doors for bathrooms and other areas where privacy is a top factor that requires. Yes, glass and metal combined doors are top choices for bathrooms and other applications where water and moisture present. Plastic doors also show high resistance to corrosion caused by water and moisture, but they may ruin the architectural beauty of your home. Patterned glass is a new creation that enhances the architectural beauty of your home to a greater extent. Even though the prices of such Internal Sliding Doors may vary; you can consider them as long-term investments for your home.

How about sliding doors for wider gaps? Yes, a single-piece door isn’t the right option for securing a wider gap. In this case, we introduce the sliding door set that comes with two glass panels that open and close to opposite sides. Did you know that this dual sliding door option is the most-used one for commercial properties? Still, you can install them on your home too. Automatic opening and closing system is another Internal Sliding Doors option to highlight here. The electrical mechanism we use here is a durable one that will serve you for many years. Don’t worry about malfunctions of these automatic doors opening and closing systems. We provide emergency response service for such failures of the system. Call us today for more information on our broad door product range!