Single-Use Sterilization Wraps Market: Overview

The sterilization of surgical equipment helps minimize infections to patients in hospitals. Single-use sterilization wraps are used for wrapping medical devices for sterilization. Single-use sterilization wraps provide protection to medical devices by promoting sterility. Single-use sterilization wraps are used for sequential wrapping technique. Single-use sterilization wraps offer high protection against fluid and particles, are extremely resistant to wear and tear. Single-use sterilization wraps comes with bacterial filtration efficiency advanced than reusable wraps and has high microbial capture.

The fabric of single-use sterilization wraps is made of cellulose pulp and non-woven polymers which offer sterilized tapes to adhere, ensuring completely closed wrap. Single-use sterilization wraps are available in various weights such as lightweight, regular, medium, heavy and super heavy weight. Each weight of single-use sterilization wraps has its own blue color for easy differentiation going from lightweight and light blue to heavy weight and dark blue. When Single-use sterilization wraps are properly sealed, the shelf life of the wraps can be maintained up to 5 years. Single-use sterilization wraps are disposable after single use and are inexpensive as compared to sterilized containers.

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Single-Use Sterilization Wraps Market: Dynamics

The rise in global infection control market is expected to drive the market of single-use sterilization market. Patient safety and microbial protection to medical devices are among the many reasons for sterilization sector of health care market is on the rise. Single-use sterilization wraps are a tool in the fight against infection. Single-use sterilization wraps allow sterilization agent to penetrate and maintain the sterility of the processed item after sterilization.

The low cost of single-use sterilization wraps and construction of significant number of hospitals and surgery centers is expected to drive the single-use sterilization wraps in the future. Hospitals and surgery centers are expected to contribute to over 3% annual growth in single-use sterilization wraps market. Sterilization products among pharmaceutical companies, medical devices manufacturers and surgical procedures will help the single-use sterilization wraps market to flourish.

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Product specific factors of these wraps play a major role in driving the single-use sterilization wraps market. Single-use sterilization wraps is made of polypropylene using a five layer (Spunbond-Meltblown-Meltblown-Meltblown-Spunbond) process; the outer layers provide strength and durability. The inner Meltblown layers of the single-use sterilization wraps provide optimal barrier against bacteria and liquids while allowing penetration of steam and gas sterilants (ethylene oxide and plasma). The environmental burden for single-use sterilization wraps is lower as compared to reusable wraps. Reusable wraps consume 4.5 times as many resources as single-use sterilization wraps market.

Global Single-Use Sterilization Wraps Market: Segmentation

Single-use sterilization wraps market is segmented on the basis of weights: Light weight,Regular weight,Medium weight,Heavy weight,Super heavy weight

Single-use sterilization wraps market is segmented on the basis of weight of material in gm/m2:

40-50, 50-60 & 60-75

Single-use sterilization wraps market is segmented on the basis of wrap material:

Cellulose pulp, Polypropylene & Combination of cellulose and polypropylene

Single-Use Sterilization Wraps Market: The Geographical outlook of Single-Use Sterilization Wrap in the following regions.

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The construction of numerous hospitals and surgery centers in North America is expected to drive the single-use sterilization wraps during the forecast period. Keeping the mortality rate in mind, hospitals are focusing on prevention techniques such as using disposables.  In Europe only 40% of the hospitals use single-use sterilization wraps and the rest use sterilized containers. Growing population in China and India accounts for a larger share of single-use sterilization wraps market as aging population point towards an increase in surgical procedures which will help single-use sterilization wraps market to set footprint in global infection control market in the coming years.

Single-Use Sterilization Wraps Market: Key players

Halyard Health Inc.,Surgeine Healthcare,Anjue Medical Equipment Co. Ltd.,Medline Industries, Inc.,Ampak Medical Pty Ltd.,Westfield Medical,Wipak

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