Normally, for a novice, sandblasting equipment is nothing but a machine to wipe out dust and debris from a surface. But it needs some basic study before going in to purchasing a sandblasting system. For guidance and reference purpose, we detail below a few points that the purchaser must adhere to:

1. Choice of finish required: Different sand blasting systems are intended for different needs and finish. Some use harsh abrasives while other machines have soft effect resin sand and there are also machines that use media mixed with water or liquid sandblaster to give a completely different result. So it is advisable to first identify what method customer needs. While grit blasting uses silicon carbide, walnut shells for surfaces where metal blasting could damage them, shot blasting is intended for heavy metal blasting in grit, grease and chip removal. Light work to smoothen down walls and surfaces is achieved by grit method.

2. Painting requirement: If going for painting, texturing a rugged base on the surface will be ideally acceptable through abrasive shot blasting that is silicon dust free and less polluting.

3. Sample technique: We have various types of blasting equipments in the market that create different consistency and feel to the surface. By going through a trail of various samples created by the sand blasting machine on dissimilar media, our choice becomes quite apparent what we type of machine we should purchase.

4. Production prerequisite: Selection of the right blasting system is judged by the essence of necessity and production efficiency of a company. Customer has to recognize his exact process needs so the best machine can be discovered. Finding the right one from automatic type, semi-automatic type, pressure feed or suction type all have their own processing capacity.

5. Small or large blasting area: If the work piece size is small then a moderate sized blaster will suffice, but definitely for bigger areas or larger equipments, a wheel blasting machine is generally deployed.

6. Compressed air requirement: Since the blasting system has categories in power consumption and output and variation in air compressor output, one must only select machine of a higher power air compressor and that its compressor output should be 20% higher than necessitated to protect the compressor from stress.

7. After sales and service: After all conditions are met and the deal finalized, customer must clear every query related to service and maintenance of the machine if some trouble happens. It could include location of the repair center, onsite check and correction of the system, easy approach to repair center from workplace, satisfactory repairs, warranty and free checks.

8. Price: Definitely the last but the strongest point is the price of the blaster. Although there could be cheap blasters in the market, but regular use could compromise their quality. So it is always wise to buy a good product from a professional supplier so that its performance can cut cost after from its longer running period.

Hence these points are sure to help customer buy the best blasting equipment per his requirement and reach.