Fencing in domestic properties is much more than just demarking one’s homestead. It’s also about security and aesthetics wherein a fence line serves to secure the perimeters from all sides. Today, homeowners are as serious about fences as are industry owners and businessmen who spend heavily on the security of their premises. In India, there are many providers that bring to the buyers competitive choices in fencing. Guru Krupa Wires is a name that deserves a special place among the top few names in India. Reputed as a high-end concertina coil manufacturer in the state of Gujrat, the company presence nationally.

One of the reasons Guru Krupa Wires has gained such prominence in the recent times is its long product list which comprises of standard to advanced products. Chain link, concertina, barbed, razor, electric, galvanized, the list goes on and on. Aside the numerous options in fence types, Guru Krupa also offers its buyers plenty of choices in mesh weaves. At this point, Gujrat’s favorite wire mesh manufacturer in India has four different kinds of mesh weaves for its wire fences. Plain, twilled, Dutch and Dutch twilled they are.

The plain weave that is available with Guru Krupa are the ones that are commonly used and sought by homeowners. This weave goes by the name of wire cloth, metal cloth, woven wire, cloth screen and such. The weave is pretty simple in which the wire passes over and under in a transversal knit like in a cloth. One of India’s most reputable razor wire suppliers, Guru Krupa is a patent supplier of twilled weave fences. Just like the plain weave, here the wires go over and under each other, but in this case, the wires are warped.

The Dutch and the twilled Dutch are the two other kinds in which the patterns are marginally different. Both these kinds of weave offer great resilience and excellent filtration. Other products that feature on the product line of the Gujrat’s one of the most favorite chain link fence manufacturers are hexagonal wire mesh, wielded wire mesh, woven wire mesh, spring steel wire mesh, welded wire fabric, stainless steel wire mesh, electro galvanized wire mesh, hot dipped welded mesh, welded fencing panels, iron wired mesh, crimped wire mesh, chicken wire mesh and powder coated mesh.

Aside from the diversity and numerousness of products, the company also prides on its fair pricing. Since the day Guru Krupa Wires was founded, the company has maintained a strict pricing strategy that stands on transparency. The company’s just pricing gravitates all sorts of buyers to it, ranging from industrialists to homeowners. All its products can be bought online from anywhere in India. As India’s one of the top razor wire suppliers, the company ships its products to all close and remote destinations across the country.
To check out the company catalogue, click on: http://www.gurukrupawires.com/