A law firm is a place which is formed by one or more advocates to engage in the practice of law. They provide all the essential legal information and details about the client’s legal right and responsibilities. They can assist you in civil, criminal cases as well as business transactions if you want. If you are looking for a broad spectrum of legal services, then it is advisable to contact a legal firm for your needs. A professional should be able to provide you amenities related to banking, immigration, corporate, litigation, commercial and etc. therefore, if you are finding a reliable legal firm for your case, then you can end your search at us.
You are highly welcome to “Seymore Law Firm” a reputed, trustworthy and a prominent place for all your legal matters. One stop destination for all your legal solution and needs. This firm was established in 1981 promising to protect the rights of the clients who came to us with some worthy solutions and hope. Whether you have faced injury or get involved in criminal charges, we are there to help you. Our firm comprises of experienced, educated and honest advocates who have gained years of experience and have the ability to defend your rights regardless of caste, religion or gender. However, we specialize in personal injury case, criminal defence and family law case.
Other than that, this Lubbock Attorney also excels in giving services, such as auto accidents and truck wrecks, social security law, workplace injuries and workers compensation, industrial accidents and so on. If you need to meet our lawyers, you also get a free consultation and no obligation visit so that you can gain full satisfaction for your case. We deliver our exceptional services in all over Texas which cover areas like: Austin, Lubbock, Hereford, Tahoka, temple, Morton, Denver city, Dumas, canyon and many more.

Our attorneys are available 24/7 and are happy to solve your case anytime you needed. Many people come for the personal injury which includes all the options such as auto accidents, oilfield accidents, brain and child injuries, wrongful deaths, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and so on. For more information gathering, please visit their online website.

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