Mumbai citizens from all walks of life and who support chemical free, organic farming are going to participate in a walk on Sunday. This walk is being organised by HOSH (Helping our Society Heal) at the Shivaji Park, Dadar.

The founder of this organisation, Harish Shetty, along with the Amba Gopal Foundation aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and a ban on harmful chemicals used while farming. This will, they believe will help fight deadly diseases like cancer.

The ‘HOSH Walk’ is also marking the occasion of Kisan Diwas (Farmer’s Day) that falls on December 23, each year. Tata Memorial Hospital is also supporting the walk. The main focus of the walk will be on creating an awareness about organic farming and how it reaps many benefits.

The ultimate objective of this initiative is to endorse organic farming and to connect our society to the farmers, and hence it becomes paramount for our society and for every individual to consume organic food in order to live a healthy life.

On 23rd December on the occasion of International Farmers’ Day, Hosh is organizing a Walkathon to raise awareness about these causes

The event is organized by AmbaGopal Foundation. Cancer patients from Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, and young students and another youngster will also participate in this event. The HOSH walkathon will take place on Sunday, December 23 at 7:00 am at Shivaji Park in Dadar, Mumbai.

According to the AmbaGopal Foundation founder, Harish Shetty, the Help Our Society Health (HOSH) Walk is the first-ever initiative of its kind in Mumbai, intended to highlight the fact which states how people suffer in different ways by unknowingly consuming foods that are laced with dangerous chemicals, besides air and water pollution compounding problems. Consuming foods which have been grown with the help of pesticides can increase the risk of cancer.

The HOSH Walk will inspire people to embrace an organic way of life by promoting and consuming fruits, vegetables and all other agro-products which are free from deadly chemicals or fertilizers to ensure a healthy and disease-free life.

The walkathon primary objective is to raise awareness about the benefits of clean air, clean water, and clean food.

Organic diets can immensely benefit cancer patients and 10,000 farmers from rural Maharashtra who practice organic farming shall join in the noble cause.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Harsh Shetty, Founder of AmbaGopal Foundation, “Thirty years ago, the prevalence of cancer wasn’t as widespread as it is today. And there weren’t many cancer patients at the time. But now, the chemical used for farming and the harmful practice of food adulteration can lead to the rise in the incidence of cancer.”

He added, “In order to reduce the risk of cancer, farmers should use lesser chemicals and pesticides while growing crops and food grains. And adulteration of food should be prevented.”

Shetty further said, “Through this walkathon, we will inform about the benefits of organic farming and provide all the essential information related to it. Farmers, young students and everyone who is interested in the organic farming movement can participate in this walkathon.”

He concluded saying, “If we want to grow as a nation and want our future generation to reap the benefits, we should facilitate this basic development in the form of clean air, clean water, and clean food. This is what we are aiming for, it is our birthright and every individual is entitled to it.”

The AmbaGopal Foundation, founded in 2014, addresses key societal issues like preventive health, wellness and healthcare for senior citizens in Mumbai.