DDS Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce their Sixth Anniversary. It started on a small budget and one room office in the heart of the Nation, its capital-New Delhi, at South Extension. The chairman of the company, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar shares his experience; “We have evolved over these six years in matters of excellence and have grown from grassroots to the tops. Our journey has been inspiring, thriving, challenging as well as exquisite at the same moment. We have learned a lot by taking into consideration the variety and diversity of investigation cases”.
From the South Extension Office the company shifted to the location of Moolchand, and after serving from the same address for a couple of years the company’s head office, finally moved to its current location at Nehru Place. The head of the investigation team of DDS, Mr. sunny Modi says- “In these years of passing through rough paths we have polished our skills and potential, these touchstones have made our name a highly preferred one over thousands of private investigation agencies working and operating in India. We have made a mark so incontestable and irrefutable that we are privileged and honored as-The Best Private Detective Agency in Delhi- NCR and the whole of India”.
The company has grown in size as well, as from a small staff working initially to the great number of a professional team operating now. The ever-increasing staff is a reflection of the professional growth of it. Initially, the company was targeted to consider cases from local communities and city only, but with time it has also seen a proliferation in the variety of cases and clients from all over India.
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar who is an Ex- Police Official has an experience and credentials of working in the field of investigation for more than 12 years. He is the head of the Recruitment team also, for which every single candidate is selected through a robust and rigorous selection process. The variety of detective services has also expanded; the company was offering a wide range of personal and corporate investigation services, moreover the choices of services within these categories have increased such as loyalty test, missing person investigation, financial fraud investigation, legal assistance, etc. Now there is a lot more to choose from a more specific and diverse range of Corporate Services as well such as- Due diligence, insurance fraud, company theft, employee verification, competitor investigation and more.
Mr. Kumar shares his words overthrowing a lavish and opulent party says “We were always keen towards delivering the best, most accurate and reliable results of our toiled investigation conducted to unearth the hidden and subjugated truth that lay beneath the layers of conspiracy and vague relations. Our clients have been the guiding spirit throughout the journey, where they always enlightened us with their valuable feedbacks and suggestions. We are grateful to share our journey with the people who made it possible for us to reach this far. In this expedition, we have proudly undertaken assignment from all the major cities of India as well as from most remote areas. We have undertaken case investigations from the nations beyond India and have been proudly serving to the world now. The foreign assignments that we have worked are – US, Europe, Asia, Etc.”
The Private investigators who work for DDS now are highly reliable and work under discretion for all type of cases. They are the best professionals in the field of investigations and the dedication and love for their work makes them a league apart from the ordinary. DDS specialize in all the Personal and Corporate spy services, and for each type of case, we have a trained and experienced Detective who is an expert in handling the same category of cases. Their investigation agents are well equipped with the most worldly spy gadgets to assist them in the process of investigations.
Mr. Kumar shares an incident that strengthened his faith for his work- “Two years back I met a client of mine who has visited me in my office, to whom I could easily make out who she was. She (Mrs. Rema; not her real name) was from Mumbai who came to Delhi after two years, and she said she wanted to meet me again for an important purpose. She reminded me of her case- her husband was engaged in an extramarital affair with women of not defined moral character, Mrs. Rema was a mother of a son of eight months and her husband was blinding taken over by the other women and that he was mercilessly avoiding his wife and the young son for that woman. Her case was complex as the husband was even ready to file a divorce case, but with our utmost efforts and hard work, we were able to collect substantial evidence against those women and to prove that she was fooling Mrs. Rema’s husband. Mrs. Rema showered with all that gratitude to us and for saving her married life and future of her newborn son.”
He continues- “Incidents like these make us believe in our work and also that through our works we are helpful to people in need in such diverse ways.”