The pressures of everyday life can take a big toll on you. But if you have a large bathroom, you are in luck. The master bathroom is your sanctuary – a place you can let of any stress, relax and feel completely comfortable.

Here are 9 simple yet highly effective ways to give your large or master bathroom an incredible renovation.
Nature Inspired
A perfect way, to turn your master bathroom into a getaway from the stress of everyday life, is to add a natural element like a plant or a spiritual element like a Zen statue. This adds intrigue to your bathroom, apart from bringing peace and serenity into your space.

Plants add life and oxygen to your space. You could try adding large ceiling-height potted plants to make your master bathroom come alive.
Dramatic lighting
Dramatic lighting fixtures can make your master bathroom unique and extra special, for example, get a chandelier or showcase lighting fixture over the bathtub. Interesting lighting can instantly make a room appear elegant and classy.
Bathroom fireplace
If you can afford it, have a fireplace installed in your master bathroom near the tub. It may be a little heavy on the pocket but it will be the instant highlight of your bathroom.
Claw-foot tub
The claw-foot style bath tub is back in vogue. It’s a classic addition to any bathroom. If you want a totally glam bathroom, find a claw-foot tub that can fit in your master bath.
Natural light
You want your master bathroom to be a space that truly rejuvenates and energize you. While you can add interesting lighting, nothing beats natural light. Make sure you have lots of natural sunlight beaming in through windows. Natural light is more beautiful and more comforting than any other light options.
If you are looking for something that can truly set your bathroom apart, add a mural on the wall. It could be something highly significant to you, or just something peaceful and refreshing like flowers or water.
Earthy tones
White and eggshell are nice tones for any other bathroom in the house, but earthy tones look awesome in the master bathroom. It will brand the look of your personal bathroom as a peaceful getaway where you can feel centered.
Grand entrance
Giving your master bathroom elements, such as double doors or French doors, or even something a little over the top, at the entrance of your master bathroom can make your space luxurious and elegant.

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