Mr.Rahul Nigam, MD & Founder, Jumpin Heights

The thrill of being a daredevil and the adrenaline rush cannot be explained in words that
easily. It is altogether a different experience which the world is taking on hands. India, one
of the fastest growing economies in the world has also jumped the bandwagon and hence
the evolution of Adventure Sports Tourism has begun in the past few years. The Indian
subcontinent poses great potential for adventure sports right from the Himalayan
Mountains to the Southern Coastal areas. This industry even at its nascent stage in India is
growing phenomenally at a pace of 7% per year. Furthermore, with Tourism Ministry
declaring 2018 as the ‘Year of Adventure Travel’, Young leaders and thoughtful
Entrepreneurs have been motivated to enter this new industry vertical and flourish.
Although India is building its potential as an adventure sports destination and entrepreneurs
searching business possibilities in this vertical, yet the expert insight to start a new venture
in this industry is really crucial. As the name itself clarifies that adventure sports do
incorporate a certain level of risk, especially regarding the safety of adventure sports
practitioners, entrepreneurs need a clear vision to create a business model that can give a
lifetime memorable experience to their discerning adventure sports practitioners with
utmost safety.
Engaging with Technical Experts
The person undertaking the adventure sports should feel confident enough of being in safe
hands. Entrepreneurs should engage with the technical adventure sports experts to plan,
strategize and model the business before initiating the same. Today, countries like New
Zealand are well known for the technical experts, as the commercialized adventure sports
segment in such countries bring forward experts with years of experience. If the foundation
is strong, the business can sustain and flourish. This is the reason that hiring technical
experts eases up the process of infrastructure building, equipment designs and sourcing,
training of the crew, and ensuring safety practices for the sports’ practitioners.
Best-in-Class Infrastructure
Quality infrastructure can change the business model into a dark horse in the long run and
increasing business competition. With the help of the right resources and expert adventure
sports trainers, entrepreneurs should systematically set up the complete model. As the
saying goes – ‘the first impression is the last impression’ – a world-class quality
infrastructure can create an everlasting impression on the customer. This can certainly lead
to the publicity through ‘word of mouth’. One must not forget that apart from good
facilities, clear communication is also a part of great infrastructure which makes guests feel
a safe environment at the Adventure Sports Facility.

Quality Equipments Sourcing
The very soul of adventure sports ventures lies in the equipment. Sourcing equipment from
globally reputed companies should be a mandate for starting a new venture. Entrepreneurs
should understand their responsibility of dealing with all kinds of circumstances in this
business. This is extremely important for the business models to adhere to the safety
guidelines and follow strict rules to phase out unfit equipment and schedule regular
inspections of the complete machinery. Also, the aging equipment should be promptly
repaired or replaced. Keeping customer safety at the priority, entrepreneurs should never
compromise with the quality and standard of the equipment.
Periodic Training of the Staff
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) should be clearly defined and followed with great
discipline by the complete crew at all hierarchy. Entrepreneurs must invest in hiring well-
trained staff and also ensure their periodic training from industry experts. Training,
Discipline and Dedication is at the very core of adventure sports business to make certain
the safety of Adventure Enthusiast and customers. When quality infrastructure and
equipment couples with well-trained, highly motivated, and disciplined staff, it brings
perfect adventure with complete safety to customers.
Above all, it is very important that safety is not only there in every aspect of the process but
it should also be visible to the jumper. He should feel the credibility in every aspect of the
operations- and companies should focus on safety aspects being transparent and glaringly