We are largest manufacturer and exporter of “Plastic Extrusion Plant and Plastic Rope Doubling Machine ” in Gujarat, India. Ring Doubler is highly demandable product for various industries mainly like is the leading manufacturer of Heavy Duty Ring Doubler suitable for all types of industrial yarn such as Tyre Cord, Fish Net Twines, Jute Twines, HDPE Filament twister Machine, PP Ropes doubling, and Thread twisting machines etc.
Ring Doubling Machine :
We offer many of ring doubling machine, plastic ring twister, industrial ring doubler, industrial ring doubling machines, textile machine, yarn spinning machine, cotton yarn spinning machine etc. at an industry competitive price. Manufacturer of Cotton Ring doublers, Medium and Heavy ring twisters ,Jute Twine Twister
Sr no. Model no.
1 Ring Doubler 3.5″ Inch : – APPL/RT – 3.5″
2 Ring Doubler 4.5″ Inch : – APPL/RT – 4.5″
3 Ring Doubler 5.5″ Inch : – APPL/RT – 5.5″
4 Ring Doubler 6.5″ Inch : – APPL/RT – 6.5″
5 Ring Doubler 8.5″ Inch : – APPL/RT – 8.5″
6 Ring Doubler 10″ Inch : – APPL/RT – 10″
7 Ring Doubler 11.25″ Inch : – APPL/RT – 11.25″
• User can change automatically TPM setting by PLC & HMI control system instead of manual gear change.
• Best yarn quality & high productivity.
• Uniform counter balancing.
• High speed Ring Doubler machine.
• Optimum production & Easy to operate.
• Spindle Drive heavy duty either special Jockey Pulley.
• Provided with reversible drive that is mainly used for S or Z twisting.
• Effective machine complete design with ready to use structures at your factory no need to assemble again like other Ring Doubler machine.
• TPM Setting type: Automatic (User pushes the keypad and change TPM, No need to any mechanical changes).
• Complete powder coated heavy duty structure.
• High speed machine. Best yarn quality & high productivity.
• Two line roller and hard chromium plating.
• Optimum production.
• Easy to operate.
• Less noisy & less power consumption.