Ply Yarn Twister : APPL/PT-3/4
We are largest manufacturer and exporter of “Plastic Extrusion Plant and Rope Making Machine” in Gujarat, India. Ply Yarn Twister is highly demandable product for various industries mainly like Rope And Yarn (Textile) Manufacturer etc…

Definition For Ply Yarn Twister : Two- ply yarn, for example, is composed of two single strands; three- ply yarn is composed of three single strands. In making ply yarns from spun strands, the individual strands are usually each twisted in one direction and are then combined and twisted in the opposite direction.

Ply Yarn Twister : APPL/PT-3/4
World class quality branded Ply Yarn Twister Machines. Heavy Duty Structure (carbon steel body) With Complete powder coated. Twisting of single yarns at a one time. Innovative high-performance Ply Yarn twisting machine. high productivity and flexibility. low maintenance costs. Oil lubrication system. 100% TPM perfection(reason we provide Oil Lubrication System). All Parts Are High quality material with hardening & hard chrome. Loading and Unloading : Easy to carry whole machine one place to another place. Our Machine assembled under guidance of our Managing/Technical Directors and our engineering team. Effective machine complete design with ready to use structures at your factory no need to assemble again like other Ply Yarn Twister machine. Provided with mainly used for S or Z twisting. Uniform counter balancing. Continuous training of our engineers and technicians for best efficiency and quality workmanship. Less noisy & less power consumption. High speed machine & Optimum production. All electronic components We provide with machine.

Technical Information For Ply Yarn Twister APPL/PT-3/4

Our Ply yarn twister machine denier capacity is Min. 3000 To Max. 35000. Machine RPM (Flyer Speed) is 2000 RPM Maximum. TPM range 25 To 50 And Twist S & Z System. Twist Per Minute. Motor Power is 7.5 HP, 440 Volt, 3 Phase (ABB/Siemens Make). No. of Spindles. No. of Spindles (Bobbins) Raw 4 And Final 4 Package. Take Up is Constant & Uniform Take Up. Balancing is Electronically Balanced. Transmission V Belt & Timing Belt. Production is approx 350 to 600 kgs/day for three Spindles. Depending upon Material, Material Size & TPM

Key Features For Ply Yarn Twister :
Best Quality – Yarn Twisting at Low Power Consumption.
AVM Pads – For Vibration Free & Smooth Working
Easy Operating System
Digital Length Counting Meter As Per Customer Required.

We are using high made quality standard parts with the help of many machines like VMC, Double column VMC, CNC machines etc.. which gives our bobbin winder long life, less maintenance.