Stockholm, Sweden – 20 December 2018 – offers the exhaustive information about causes, symptoms, diagnoses and treatment of osteoarthritis, which appears to be one of the most wide-spread health problems in Sweden as well as all over the world.
Our body is an intricate system. It incorporates the number of systems, each of which is responsible for some particular function. One of these essential systems is musculoskeletal system, which determines our physical performance and the way we move. We all know the truth that movement is life. So, we all want to stay active till the end of our days, being capable to move as much as we wish.
One of the most common problems of musculoskeletal system is joint disease or osteoarthritis. The first osteoarthritis symptoms are usually associated with aging process, while osteoarthritis causes a sort of discomfort or pain, which comes from the joint, when the joint is stressed. The truth is that joints become stiff, because of insufficient production of cartilage, which is a special tissue that covers the ends of all the bones of the skeleton, enabling bones to slide easily to each other. Lack of cartilage can have the number of negative consequences, among which are damaged bones, rigid joints, joint pain and swelling. The osteoarthritis diagnosis can be made for any limb. Still, hips and knees are affected to this disorder much frequenter than other joints.
The most effective and adequate osteoarthritis treatment is realized by means of specific training. Training stimulates the growth of cartilage building blocks, promoting the process of self-repair. In addition, a person, who is confronted with the problem of osteoarthritis can be recommended to keep a special diet, which will stipulate generation of new cartilage, or perhaps a weight control diet to release the joins from excessive load.
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