Ply Yarn Doubling Machine is designed for pre-doubling the yarns/tapes for making the ply from Monofilament, Dan line, PP Tapes, Multifilament, Cotton and Jute yarns etc.
Yarn Doubling:
In the manufacture of staple fibre yarns, twist is inserted into the fine strand of fibres to hold the fibres together and impart the desired properties to the twisted yarns. Without twist, the fine strand of fibres would be very weak and of little practical use. A change in the level of twist also changes many yarn properties, such as strength and softness.

Twist may be defined as the spiral disposition of the components of a thread which is usually the result of relative rotation of the two ends. Doubling is generally expressed as the number of turns per unit length of yarn, e.g. turns per inch (tpi), turns per meter (tpm), etc.

What exactly does Doubling to a yarn?

• The Doubling in a yarn binds the fibres together and helps to keep them in the respective positions. It thus gives coherence to yarn.
• Doubling gives sufficient strength to the yarn.
• Doubling is also used to bring about novel effects that are prominently visible when the yarn is converted to fabric. This is achieved primarily by having a combination of yarns with different Doubling levels and twist directions in the fabric.

Doubling Direction:
A Doubling can be either in Z direction or S direction as indicated in the following figure, depending on the orientation of the surface fibre in relation to yarn axis.

Fig. : Doubling direction

Ply Yarn Doubling Machines available in the following Model having multiple spindles.

Sr. No. Model No. No. of Spindles Motor KW Denier Production (Kgs/Day)
1 APPL/PT-3/4 4X4 7.5 3000 to 35000 210 to 540

Key Features:
• Fully electrically balanced and vibration free model.
• It is easy to operate and maintain low noise and power consumption.
• It is a high efficiency and high output machine with Doubling and stranding.
• It has the mechanism with planetary direction exchanging.
• Stranding and Doubling of the twine can be finished in one time.
• It is suitable for primary twisting and re-twisting of all kinds of PE twine, PP twine, Polyester twine, nylon twine, cotton twine, and twisted ropes in small size.

The product has wide application scopes, moderndesign and big take up amount:-
• For Doubling fiber, yarn, thread, string, twine, rope.
• For first- Doubling, re- Doubling.
• For plastic, PP, Nylon, Polyester,Cotton, Jute, Sisal, etc.