PP Tape Fibrillating Plant Rope Project
AAWADKRUAPA PLASTOMECH PVT LTD is pioneer name in Plastic Extrusion Line and Rope Making Machineries.
Area in which Fibrillated Ropes are used :
• The PP Tape Fibrillated Ropes which are emerged from PP Tape Fibrillating Plants are widely used in various fields as below.
• Carpet Backing Cloths – Artificial Lawn – Carrying Ropes- Staples Fibre- Concrete Fibre-
• Ropes, Cords, Sewing yarn – Harvest yarn Etc.
Options available as per Production Capacity :
Screw Size Production
75 100 kgs/Hour
90 150 Kgs/Hour
100 200 Kgs/Hour
80 (GF) 235 Kgs/Hour

Options for Winding of Filaments :
We are providing Cheese Winder, Bobbin Winder Etc. for winding process of filaments.
Main Features which draw you to our PP Tap Fibrillating Plant :
• 10 to 15 % higher Strength and Shining as compare to other plants.
• Lower power consumption with higher Quality Output .
• Most of the Parts of Plant are Power Coated.
Other Features :
We are providing Screw Barrel with Nitride Alloy material which make your Screw Barrel’s long life.60 hp Main Motor will allow you to run your plant in a smooth way. Also providing different kind of heater like Neck heater, Die Heater with enough motor power. The blower at the below side of Screw Barrel will keep temperature as per requirement. Also providing Water sucking system in water tank, and providing Electric Panel with AC and Plant in on Synchronizing System.