Mono-filament extrusion plant also known as mono-filament extrusion line, Monofilament Yarn Plant, PP Monofilament Plant, HDPE Monofilament Plant etc.
Mono-filament plant is used to produce mono-filament yarns from the raw materials PP, HDPE & LD granules. Mono filament plant consists of the following units Extrusion, Screen changer, Die with Die head, Quenching Tank, Godet unit (Take-ups) Orientation Unit, Control Panel & Winder.
In our plants we use world class brands equipment like ABB, Siemens, Rotomotives, Mitsubishi (JP), SKF, Nachi (JP) CCF (FR), NTN (JP), ELECON & Bongfiglioli to maintain the quality standard.
Here are the models we manufacture in our own production house:-
Sr. No. Model No. Size (mm) Production (Kgs/Hrs)
1 APPL/MF-55 AC 55 37
2 APPL/MF-65 AC 65 60
3 APPL/MF-75 AC 75 100
4 APPL/MF-90 AC 90 150
5 APPL/MF-100 AC 100 200
6 APPL/MF-80 AC 80 235

Key Features of our plants:
• Extra Strength & Shining to yarn.
• Longer life of screw & barrel.
• AC inverter & motor which synchronizes the entire extruder.
• PP, HDPE & LD can be processed due to its special screw design.
• Latest technology used to force the melt into the die very effectively.
• Less noisy.
• Less power consumption& high production.

Applications: Monofilaments are used for manufacturing medium to heavy yarn counts used in ropes and twines for agricultural, industrial, sports (climbing and nautical), as well as fishing nets, Mosquito nets, Shade nets, Monocloth, monofilament brooms, brushes, artificial grass, carpets and rugs, fire hoses, sewing threads, geotextiles and many other applications.