Kids Island Nursery
Villa 101, Al Zoubaidi st,
Jumeirah 3,
Dubai. UAE

Telephone: +971 4394 2578

With children as young as 12 months starting nursery for the first time, many parents are left wondering what type of nursery is best suited to their child. What kind of stimulation would help their child? These are some of the questions parents must ponder on when deciding to leave their child in a nursery in Dubai.

Kids Island Nursery focuses on nature-based learning and encourages outside play. They believe that nature-based learning stimulates children’s creativity and self-awareness. Outside play allows a child to be active, love their environment and understand the beauty of nature. It is a form of learning that enables children to feel completely free and aid their physical and emotional development.

Children enjoy dabbling with clay, water, sand and play-dough. Nurseries in Dubai encourage messy play as it is crucial to a child’s growth. When natural beauty surrounds children they learn to love and respect their environment.

Nurseries in Dubai believe that their way of learning is an investment they make on your child. Studies have shown that children who enjoy outside play develop creative elements and responsible behaviour as they get older. In a time when society has become obsessed with devices, Kids Island Nursery takes children back to nature where they belong.

The Founder of Kids Island Nursery, Isabelle Amatoury states that, “We believe that every child deserves an opportunity to be stimulated by nature-based learning. We encourage children to develop their uniqueness in our safe and nurturing environment. Our approach is wholly holistic and encourages children to engage in outside play to enhance their growth and development”.

About Us
Kids Island Nursery in Dubai was founded 27 years ago by Isabelle Amatoury. The philosophy of the nursery is that each child should be given an opportunity to have the best possible start to their education. The nursery follows the British Curriculum to get children ready for preschool and kindergarten. We have a team of caring staff to support children and their parents as they make a decision to transition their children into nursery. Parents are made to feel welcome in our nursery setting and we encourage parents to offer their input through a range of opportunities for collaboration. For more information, visit our website on