For some people SMS API means absolutely nothing, that is only because if you’re not a developer. Today, we have written this article that helps you to understand some of the terminologies of SMS marketing and simultaneously help you to understand the big question, what is an SMS API?

The first important thing we need to explain it what is an API? API stands for application-programming-interface in the simple terms, an interface that allows functionalities of own system into any other system or software components.

Now you have understood what an API is, an SMS gateway API is the same but it is designed specifically for SMS messaging requirements.

Let’s say you own a shopping store and you want to send SMS messages to buyers when they have purchased a product from your online store, for this you would have to use an API.

What happens actually, the customer visits our website and buys a dress from your online store, once she has filled all its delivery details she clicks order now. Your system will detect that a purchase had been made and sends a request for SMS to our API gateway with all the details like name, message, mobile number and send a message straight to customer mobile phone.

This is almost instantly and it takes a couple of seconds for order confirmation and details of items to reach on their cell phone.

Some amazing examples of what our SMS API integration can do for your company.

Using an SMS API services will definitely increase your business productivity, making it more professional, offers the best experience to customers and reduces the workload. Here are just a few examples of how a Bulk SMS API India can be used into any software, mobile application or website-

Send order confirmations on the purchase.
Remind people about EMI due payments and last date.
Send account verification code on the registered number for customer/mobile verification.
Send account balance, debit/credit transactions, cheque bounce details.
Share festive discount deals, coupon codes, and vouchers with potential ones.
Send tips, other important event details, the launch of a product to recipients.

Moreover, these APIs comes in various programming languages like PHP, JAVA, C#, ASP.Net etc. So, one can choose it as per his/her software language to enable SMS gateway services into it. Some providers give you developer tool in which you will get ready to use sample codes that is quite simple for developers of your company.

So, why you need to go for other solutions when you have such a smart way of SMS marketing in your hand. SMS API not only provides the functionality of text messaging into your system but it also allows you to send personalized SMS, group SMS, one-time-passwords, single SMS and a lot more. People who’re working under bulk SMS reseller program of providers can also get these flexible APIs for their customers and sub-resellers. So, they can too integrate SMS gateway connectivity with API of HTTP or XML for sending text messages campaigns.